The graduating students of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Debrecen marched through the city on carriages and carriages on Friday, in keeping with their almost half-century-old tradition, to say goodbye to the city and the institution. At this year's Yellows Day, almost 550 students celebrated the end of their studies.

This year, the graduates of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Debrecen marched in 48 horse-drawn carriages and carriages through the streets of Debrecen, from the Böszörményi út campus to Kossuth Square.
They were greeted by Zoltán Piros Zoltán, Member of the Municipality of Debrecen. The students, dressed in traditional costumes, said goodbye to the city with a dance in front of the Great Church, and then headed to the Main Building of the University of Debrecen.
- With the Yellowing, the university years are not over for you. You will be part of a huge alumni community, and you will have a very lofty cause resting on your shoulders, the cibus hungaricus, Hungarian food. The production of raw materials, be it crop production, animal husbandry, water management or even the food industry, is in your hands. You have a great career ahead of you, and I believe that this institution will help you throughout your life," said Zoltán Szilvássy, Rector of the University, welcoming the students.
Activities during the week included cooking, a night out, a student and teacher evening, wine tasting and must-see parties in the Boiler Room with renowned performers.
Yellowing is the final chord of student life. Students complete their bachelor, master and diploma studies and prepare for their final exams. It is the final moment of a week-long celebration where friendships can be strengthened, students reminisce about shared experiences, say goodbye together and prepare to put the knowledge they have gained at university to good use in their real lives. The Sárgulás is the most important tradition of the 156-year-old agricultural education in Debrecen," László Stündl, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Sciences and Environmental Management, told
Yellowing (Sárgulás) is also the oldest and most traditional student event at the University of Debrecen.

- As the wheat harvest turns yellow, so do our students mature for employment. On the Böszörményi út campus, the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences and the Faculty of Economics work as a family and together we train farmers. We are proud and proud to say that our graduates are employed within 1-2 months after graduation. We celebrate together at the Yellows Day, it makes no difference which faculty you study at," said Veronika Fenyves, Dean of the Faculty of Economics.

After the parade, the students will be treated to the traditional pint-opening ceremony on the Böszörményi Road campus, and the week-long event will be traditionally closed by the "Sárgulási" Ball.

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