University innovation presented at an international congress

At the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center, they developed a dietary supplement that is the only one in the world that supports pelvic floor exercise as effectively as possible, so it can help overcome incontinence without surgery or medication. The Debrecen innovation was presented at the International Urogynecology Congress in The Hague in June.

After more than two decades, a Hungarian research group was able to re-introduce themselves in the form of a long presentation at the 48th International Urogynecological Congress in The Hague. The Urogynecology Research Group of the University of Debrecen had earned the invitation with the development of a new dietary supplement, which they had created jointly with Fempharma Kft.. 

- Giving a presentation in front of delegates from sixty-seven countries also means that the innovation created at the University of Debrecen can generate international interest, and the resulting professional relationships can open new avenues for further successful research - emphasized Bence Kozma, assistant professor, the person who gave the presentation  at the congress on behalf of the University of Debrecen, who was in charge of the project, director and head of the Urogynecology profile of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen.

Bence Kozma said that incontinence is a very common problem, currently affecting 1- 1.5 million women in Hungary. Surveys confirm that half of women between the ages of 18 and 24 have already experienced involuntary loss of urine. After menopause, the number of complaints increases significantly. The product developed by the specialists of the University of Debrecen can help treat incontinence and urinary retention disorders without surgery. Thanks to its unique ingredients, no other preparation is currently known that would help pelvic floor exercise to such a large extent in the treatment of stress incontinence. The dietary supplement is not commercially available as yet.
- The attention of the international professional community was attracted by the approach that, although all major international professional societies classify pelvic floor exercises as the first treatment of choice for almost all types of incontinence, there are still almost no methods by which we could effectively support patients in this phase of the treatment.

Literary data suggest that a third of patients stop pelvic floor exercises in the short term due to a sense of failure, and this proportion approaches eighty percent in the long term. The purpose of the dietary supplement is to enable patients to achieve results sooner with exercise, so the treatment that is deemed to be more successful will give additional confidence and strength to the healing process, Bence Kozma explained.

The success of conservative treatments - such as pelvic floor exercises - is extremely important in the therapy of incontinence, because, should they fail to work, often only expensive or invasive (surgical) treatments can be used.  

Press Office - CzA