UD Belongs to a Platform Established for Innovation

The Coordination Institute for Sport Science of UD has joined the European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI). The Institute will cooperate with other institutes and businesses in product and methodology development projects.

UD is the only Hungarian higher education institute that belongs to the international innovation platform. EPSI is a European network organisation that focuses on innovation in the fields of sport-related activities, health and environment, and also seeks to facilitate technological innovation in the sports ecosystem of the EU and to establish conditions that are favourable for innovative businesses.

Joining this organisation, which is highly acknowledged both in professional and business terms, may help DESKI to capitalise on its innovation and scientific activities at an international level, and to develop new methodologies and products in cooperation with its partners in the organisation.

- Brussels-based EPSI is the biggest sports innovation network. This cooperation in the fields of research, development and innovation offers great opportunities for sports-related research in Hungary. The organisation includes many leading industrial actors, which means all areas in sports innovation can be covered. Manufacturers need methodologies, ideas and innovators, while we would like to produce scientific results. Relying on the innovation park and the industry connections of UD, the Institute could play a bigger role in innovation, and this new cooperation allows us to be more active on the international scene – pointed out László Balogh, director of DESKI.

He emphasized that EPSI is willing to make sports as important as possible in Europe, which means it can help UD in finding new resources. He added that DESKI can contribute to the project with research programmes in the fields of active life in old ages, life quality, physical activity, promotion of physical activity tailored to age with bespoke training programmes, and healthy eating. Besides methodologies, the Institute will also contribute to the development of training and monitoring methods.

In addition to DESKI, the Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster is also a member of the platform.

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