The Faculty of Humanities of the University of Debrecen released the first Chinese students who completed the Hungarian-language BA course in Hungarian language and literature at the speech day event held in the Main Building of UD on Friday. The 12 Chinese graduates started their studies in Debrecen three years ago within the framework of an international educational programme.

- This is a milestone for the Faculty, the University, and especially for the students who passed their final exams in Hungarian language and literature last week – pointed out Péter Csatár, vice dean for strategic and business affairs in his welcome speech. He added that the fresh graduates deserved the greatest respect for undertaking the challenging task of obtaining a degree in a foreign language, far away from their homes and families.

The journey of the Chinese students started in 2015, when the Beijing International Studies University (BISU) launched a 7-year programme. Within the framework of the programme 20 high-school students studied Hungarian for three years, and then those who passed their tests began their 4-year degree programmes in Hungary.

The BISU students had to pass a written and an oral exam. Those who fulfilled the requirements could start their BA studies in Hungarian language and literature in Debrecen.

Teachers and PhD students of the Institute of Hungarian Literature and Cultural Sciences and the Institute of Hungarian Linguistics were involved in the programme, which posed a major challenge for them.

The event was attended online by Jiang Lu, dean of the Beijing International Studies University (BISU), who also gave a ceremonial speech. Families and friends of the graduates followed the live broadcast as well.

Péter Szaffkó, director of the Debrecen Summer University, who had played a central role in the cooperation from the very beginning, congratulated the graduates “who were brave enough to embrace the unknown and enter a completely strange culture, of which they may become the ambassadors now.”
- This 7-year programme, which was organised jointly by the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Debrecen, Debrecen Summer University and Beijing International Studies University, is a major result of the Chinese-Hungarian exchange programmes and cooperation, which will continue and improve in the years to come – highlighted Cui Xianjun, Chinese head of the Confucius Institute of the Faculty of Humanities of UD in his welcome speech.
- These twelve student have grown up to be responsible young adults in the last three years in front of our eyes, held on, despite the challenges caused by the epidemic. Working together with their teachers, they did everything in order to obtain their degrees that they truly deserve – said Edit Dobi, programme coordinator, associate professor of the Department of Hungarian Linguistics, Non-independent Department of Hungarian Linguistics.
On behalf of the graduates Han Yanfei – also known as “Hajni” – expressed the gratitude of the students, pointing out that some of her fellow students would return to China, while others would stay in Debrecen to continue their Hungarian studies in the MA programme.
– I believe that it does not matter which road we choose; the knowledge and experience that we have obtained at UD will always be valuable in our careers – emphasized Han Yanfei.

The programme continues, as 16 Chinese students have just completed their second year in the Hungarian language and literature BA course.

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