Why should you choose the University of Debrecen?

The Hall of the Main Building of the University of Debrecen was filled to capacity on the first day of the enrollment event, DExpo. Hundreds of high school students, future university students, parents, and teachers listened to the information about the institution, the training offers, and changes to admission and student life at the opening on Wednesday.

DExpo, the university's central enrollment event, is already 17 years old, at this year's open days on November 23 and 24, students who are about to make educational choices can learn about the opportunities that await those who choose the University of Debrecen (DE/UD) as a place of further education.

Following tradition, Wednesday's program began with a general information session in the Hall of the Main Building, where the Vice Rector for Education, Elek Bartha, gave an introductory presentation.

-Almost five hundred year-old heritage, a definite vision the future, a system of international relations, practice-oriented training, the widest range of education and a marketable degree – these were the keywords that the vice-chancellor used to sum up the opportunities provided by UD.

Elek Bartha emphasized: the University of Debrecen is Hungary's largest provincial higher education institution, which provides Hungarian and English language education opportunities in most fields of study for about 30,000 students this academic year, including more than 7,000 foreign students from 133 countries.

- Why should you choose the University of Debrecen? - asked Elek Bartha, who answered this question by listing figures: 13 faculties, 77 basic, 91 master's, 6 undivided and 26 teacher training courses, as well as 73 doctoral programs of 26 doctoral schools, which the university offers its students, also including innovations such as precision agricultural engineering or contemporary popular music training.

Annamária Pósánné Rácz, the instructional coordinator of UD, gave a presentation on the changes to the 2023 admission system. She emphasized: the admissions information will be published on December 14, and the deadline for application and portal verification is February 15, 2023.

- Even before applying, future students of the University of Debrecen are provided an incentive in the form of a recently announced support system specifically geared towards high school students, with which the university honors the success achieved in academic competitions during the high school years with a one-time, one-semester scholarship - Annamária Pósánné Rácz explained.

Almost all units of the institution welcome interested high school students at the stands set up in the Cour D’honneur of the Main Building, namely:  in addition to the faculties, the Teacher Training Center, the Sports Science Coordination Institute, the DExam Examination Center, the Mental Hygiene and Equality Center, the Talent Development Program of the University of Debrecen, DETEP, the colleges for advanced studies, the Student Government, and the University and National Library, among others.

Naturally, DExpo is not confined to the central building of the university; students are transported between the campuses on buses.

Lecture and demo classes also add to the program, where future first-year students can gain useful advice n the university’s language exam, sports and study opportunities abroad and well as the advantages of scholarships.

DExpo also awaits those interested on Thursday, November 24. Those interested can obtain more information about the admissions offers of the University of Debrecen on the "Admissions" menu of the website https://unideb.hu/ or https://felveteli.unideb.hu/ and by clicking on https://beiskolazas.unideb.hu/

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