Developing a relationship with a private university in India

The University of Debrecen has signed a cooperation agreement on research and education with the institution of higher education called Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, India. Owing to this partnership agreement, joint training and student exchanges will be possible in the future in the fields of engineering, information technology and natural sciences.

The number of international students from India at the University of Debrecen (UD) has been increasing dynamically over the past ten years. Starting off with just 20 students in 2014, there are now as many as 342 Indian students enrolled in our institution.

“Students from India are fairly active members of the international student body of the University of Debrecen with a headcount of more than 7,000 individuals. The majority of them go to the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Engineering (enrolled in aeronautical, mechatronic and mechanical engineering programs) and the Faculty of Informatics (in computer programming). Year by year, they enjoy showcasing their country's cuisine and gastronomy at the international Food Day and more and more of them decide to become part of the University Theater's international student troupe. This also demonstrates how Indian culture is indeed an integral part of UD's diverse and complex community,” said Elek Bartha, Vice-Rector for Education, at the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement.

Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology specializes in training professionals and conducting research in the fields of natural sciences, information technology and engineering. It is one of the leading private institutions in the Indian IT sector, with an overall student number of almost 30,000.
“Our Institute is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to further expand its academic links both in Europe and the United States. Our research activities focus primarily on robotics and automotive technology among a range of other areas, and we are looking for partners to cooperate with in these fields," said Vivek Deshpande, Director of Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology.

The agreement, which was signed on Thursday, will enable the two institutions to cooperate in the field of vocational training in addition to undergraduate and master's programs. Orsolya Jánosy, Head of the International Office, delivered a presentation on the student mobility opportunities at our university and said that the program called Stipendium Hungaricum would help to further increase the number of students from India at UD.
“These two institutions have similar networks of industrial and corporate partners. Thanks to our cooperation in the future, students from India will be able to get internships at partner companies through the University of Debrecen, while UD students can get access to the IT and engineering training facilities and industrial partners of the Indian private university through the program called Pannónia Program,” explained Orsolya Jánosy, Head of the International Office of the University of Debrecen.

During the course of their visit, the members of the Indian delegation also held talks at the Faculty of Informatics, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science and Technology of UD.

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