“You are awarded a doctorate”

The University of Debrecen has held its autumn PhD graduation ceremony traditionally in the framework of the Celebration of Hungarian Science. At the ceremony, 111 candidates received their diplomas, and Habilitated Doctorate and Professor Emeritus titles as well as university awards were also conferred.

Among the PhD candidates, 92 met the degree requirements Summa Cum Laude, 17 Cum Laude and 2 Rite, in the fields of natural sciences and information technology, agricultural sciences, humanities, medicine and health sciences, and social sciences.
- During your past scientific work, you knew that you were on the way to something good, but today, with this prestigious ceremony, you have arrived at a door that separates you from the particularly good things. Now that you become my fellow doctors, this door opens to you, revealing a wonderful world, the world sciences – Zoltán Szilvássy said in his ceremonial speech.

The Rector of Debrecen University emphasized that the PhD candidates have reached the degree conferral through disciplined work and remarkable performance in their own field of study, but this only opened that door and what comes next is more important.
- You have earned a laurel wreath in recognition of everything you have achieved. However, as Albert Szentgyörgyi said, “If you rest on your laurels, you are not wearing them at the right place.” I hope you are not going to be researchers like that – Zoltán Szilvássy highlighted.

- And do not forget that your alma mater is here and will always help its former students wherever life sends them – the Rector concluded his speech.

Before the conferral of the diplomas, the candidates pledged an oath: “I hereby solemnly swear that I shall engage in a conduct worthy to the doctors of the University of Debrecen and that I shall strive, giving the best of my knowledge, to further the reputation of the University. Always observing the rules of academic ethics, I shall serve the causes of advancing knowledge, universal human culture, and the preservation of national values”.
After the PhD candidates received their diplomas, the ceremony continued in the Hall of the Main Building with the conferral of Habilitated Doctorate titles. In total 23 candidates met the requirements of the habilitation procedure, in the fields of agricultural sciences (4), humanities (7), medicine and health sciences (3), social sciences (4), and natural sciences (5).

Three retired professors of the university were granted the title Professor Emeritus, namely Gergely Angyalosi (Faculty of Humanities), Miklós Fári (Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management) and János Sztrik (Faculty of Information Technology). With this title, the university recognizes the achievements of its exceptional professors and the work they have done for the university and provides all the rights and conditions that are necessary for them to continue their activities.
Other awards that were also conferred at the ceremony are the Doctoral Dissertation of the Year, the Best Scientific Paper on a Clinical Topic, the Female Researcher of the Year, and the Pro Cura Ingenii Award for lecturers with outstanding performance in talent management.

This year, the Dr. Tankó Béla Memorial Award was split between Attila Debreczeni (Faculty of Humanities) academic, full professor, and Lóránt Székvölgyi (Faculty of Education for Children and Special Educational Needs) associate professor.

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