yoUDay – With the Recommendation of the President

Unique, special and monumental, which mobilises the whole university – said the president of DEHÖK about the semester-start arena show of UD. István Ádám Bognár added that the event, which will be held on 26 September, will be unforgettable.

Following the largest freshmen camp in the country, students are looking forward to the high-profile semester start arena show of UD. The students' self government also participated in the organisation of the yoUDay, which will be held on 26 September.

- The event will be unique because it will be organised by university students and staff for university citizens and people living in the town. Students have also been involved in the preparation from the beginning. They recommended performers to invite, and also contributed to the planning of the new layout of the place. For the first time, this year tickets can be bought to the amphitheatre as well, so that guests can enjoy the show from the first tow – highlighted István Ádám Bognár, president of DEHÖK.

Foreign students will also be involved in the exclusive semester start. The event will symbolise the cohesion of the community of 40,000 university citizens. Participants may contribute to this feeling by wearing the colours of the university – green or yellow – at the event.

- Such a large-scale academic year opening ceremony is unique not only in Hungary, but in the whole region. Students definitely like the event, because in a community of tens of thousands of people they can feel they are part of a family. It is important that we can sing, dance and participate in activities together – pointed out the president of DEHÖK.

The guests of the arena show will be entertained by Hungarian stars like Ákos, Majka, Horváth Tomi, Animal Cannibals, and Abrakazabra with its guests.

Tickets will be sold for HUF 500. Students, employees and alumni of UD can request 3 extra tickets for the same price. Tickets to sectors A2 and A3 cost HUF 3,900. However, the first 1,538 buyers will have to pay only HUF 1,538. Children under 6 can participate at the event for free, providing they do not take up a separate seat.

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