InterTalent UNIDEB

In 6 sections, 80 students from 7 institutions of 7 countries participated in the InterTalent UNIDEB talent development conference, which was organised by the University of Debrecen for young researchers for the 3rd time.

UD considers supporting talent development an important part of its mission. DETEP, the talent development programme of the University of Debrecen, has successfully supported students with outstanding performance in undergraduate, master and postgraduate programmes for decades.

- The InterTalent conference offers participants an opportunity for networking and scientific discussions – said László Csernoch at the opening event at the DAB central office on 27 April.

The vice-rector for scientific affairs emphasised that in the 21st century science is unimaginable without international cooperation between various research locations, which requires an interdisciplinary approach.

- At the same time, personal communication still remains important in the age of computers, because this is the only way to build trust, without which there can be no successful collaboration in the field of science – added László Csernoch.

This year, in addition to Hungarian institutions (Kossuth Lajos Grammar School and Primary School of the University of Debrecen, Debrecen Reformed Theological University, Eötvös Lóránd University, Eszterházy Károly University, University of Miskolc), the National University of Uzhhorod and the University of Oradea also sent presenters. As participants also came from such faraway countries as Brazil, Vietnam, Iran, Jordan, Mexico and Sudan, for the first time, English was the official language of the conference.

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