The academic year has started

Over 9,000 freshmen have started the school year at University of Debrecen. The opening senate meeting of the institution took place at Főnix Arena on Sunday. At the event first-year students took an oath, and awards were delivered.

-        By today, besides the education of medical doctors and pharmacists, the agricultural, natural science and technical programmes have also become important at UD, which was established in 1538. Modern universities have to respond to current challenges. For this reason, the cooperation with businesses plays an ever more important part in the life of UD – said the rector of the university in his opening speech.

Zoltán Szilvássy pointed out that students have to be hard-working and prepared if they want to take positions in the management of international companies, but the university is determined to help them in this in every possible way.

-       The University of Debrecen is one of the leading universities in Hungary offering a wide range of programmes, is proud of its international results, and provides excellent sport programmes. UD operates DEAC, one of the biggest sports clubs in the country. Most of the 1,500 registered sportsmen and women in the club are university students, which is outstanding and exemplary, not to mention that it improves the reputation of the university, makes it more popular, and shows a good example to young people – highlighted Lajos Kósa, Member of Parliament.

The politician added that outstanding sports programmes and results at the university also require the development of facilities, which takes place with the support of the government.

-        What is happening now at UD and in Debrecen is the 21st century – said László Palkovics, minister for innovation and technology, in his speech.

He added that, as one of the leading universities in Hungary, UD contributes to the development of science and society with its manifold and interdisciplinary education and research programmes. The projects and plans of the university show that UD exactly understands what is needed today and speaks the language of innovation.

-        UD gives priority to positioning technologies and innovative solutions in a business environment, as well as to creating and organising the missing elements of the innovation process. The university has realised that an increase in the number of engineers can highly contribute to the development of Debrecen and the whole region. The number of students applying for technical programmes has grown by 30 percent in the last 3 years, which means that this area has become the third most popular area behind medical and economic programmes – added the minister.

As for research, László Palkovics pointed out that the related programmes could be more efficient if redundancies were eliminated and resources were used more efficiently. The goal is to strengthen the presence of Hungary in the world of innovation and science. However, the results have been disappointing in recent years.

-        Even though we have spent enormous money on research and innovation, we have lost positions on the ranking lists. We should reconsider the status of academic research institutes. Universities and research institutes have strong connections, but they are operated by different entities, which results in an inefficient use of financial and human resources. By drawing the two types of institutions under one umbrella, we could create a strong scientific background that would allow the operation of education and research programmes that are based on a stronger professional background – the minister said.

Palkovics also talked about the recent investment of BMW in Debrecen. He pointed out that higher education programmes must take into consideration the needs of the automotive industry and its supply chain. He added that he was sure that UD is perfectly able to manage this issue.

After the speech of László Palkovics, the freshmen took their oath.

-        UD is the strongest intellectual base of Debrecen, which offers competitive programmes and knowledge to students. Debrecen is experiencing one of the most dynamic periods of its history. In the last 4 years hundreds of billions of HUF has been invested in the town, creating jobs and this trend will likely continue in the years to come. This means that technical education will be highly important at UD. In this regard, we cooperate with the institute and the local government – said mayor László Papp.

At the opening ceremony of the academic year, the mayor of Debrecen appreciated the fact that UD supports the business goals of the town and plays a key role in ensuring the necessary conditions for the companies investing in Debrecen. 

Following the mayor's speech, the representatives of first-year students received their symbolic academic register from the deans of the faculties. Freshmen were also greeted by István Ádám Bognár, president of the students' self government at UD.

Following the speeches, the Alumni award was delivered to GE Hungary, represented by Endre Ascsillán, vice president of the company.

Based on the recommendation of the Council of the Faculty of Engineering, the Senate awarded Ferenc Anisits, mechanical engineer, with the title of honorary university teacher. Anisits has led the research unit of BMW responsible for diesel engines for two decades. In connection with the investment of BMW in Debrecen, UD will play a strategic part in terms of educating highly trained professionals. Owing to his experience and expertise, Anisits can strongly support the related education and research programmes.

Anisits can be associated with the development of over 15 series of diesel engines, which have been installed in more than 7 million vehicles, the application of electronic control of diesel engines, the first direct injection V8 diesel engine for passenger cars, the equations of cycle calculation that are still in use worldwide, as well as over 100 presentations and publications in the field of diesel engine development. He also won the motor-Oscar twice, in 1999 and in 2000.

This year the Pro Auditoribus Universitatis Debreceniensis, the "Award for the Students of UD", established by the delegate meeting of DEHÖK, was presented to Ferencné Kiss, HR director. 

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