Jubilee celebration of the foundation of the Austrian collection at DEENK

The “youngest” Austrian library in Hungary, Debreceni Ausztria Könyvtár [Austria Library of Debrecen], celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of its opening recently. The University and National Library of the University of Debrecen [DEENK] held a festive symposium on the occasion of this jubilee, where attention was drawn to the colorful cultural offer of the Austrian library's stock and the possibilities of bibliothecas as cultural hubs.

The Austrian library and DEENK have been operating in a special symbiosis for decades; the former being present as a kind of cultural hub in the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen, as it was highlighted at the ceremony held on Thursday in the venue called Sziget [Island]. DEENK became the recipient of the collection thirty years ago, in October 1993, and has been taking care of it ever since.

At the opening of the jubilee celebration, Director General Gyöngyi Karácsony underlined the fact that the Austrian collection is indeed an indispensable element of the university and national library.

“Austria Library of Debrecen is one of the symbols of sustainability within DEENK, and the intensity with which it has been operating for three decades in such a large institution as the University of Debrecen and its library is exemplary. The collection represents a success story based on the triple cooperation between the Faculty of Humanities (BTK), DEENK and the Austrian government, supported not only by sustainability, but also by the dedication of librarians and the strategic role of the Austrian library over the past thirty years. This collection is a virtual gem that occupies a prominent place in the strategic ideas of the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen, covering research, education and the cultivation of culture,” said the Director General of DEENK.

The Austrian Library highlights and gives perspective to Austrian programs available at the Faculty of Humanities, emphasized Róbert Keményfi, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities.

“Austrian culture has always been present in our program offer. In the future, we wish to strengthen the cultural role of our Faculty. For that reason, we plan to set up an Austrian cultural center next spring, where we would reinforce the presence of this neighboring country in the education of humanities based on the collection. In addition, an Austrian research center with a focus on our common history could soon be established, so scholarly activities will also be given greater emphasis in this field,” said the Head of the Faculty.

At the meeting, it was Gabriella Szögedi Lakfalviné, an Information Librarian and Head of DEENK Austria Collection, who presented the history and the stock of documents of the Austrian bibliotheca.

The collection of Austria Library of Debrecen holds more than 8500 documents and offers a contemporary information database of Austrian literature, culture, science and politics in the reading room of the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen. The stock of books and periodicals is constantly updated, and up to 150 contemporary works are added annually.

At the jubilee celebration, presentations were delivered by experts from the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen, the Department of Political Science, the Department of Philosophy, the Institute of Germanic Studies of the University of Debrecen and the Institute of History, whereas the event was officially concluded with an address from László Barabás, Honorary Consul of Austria.

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