Világcéghez The University of Debrecen has joined a worldwide company

First among Hungarian institutions, the University of Debrecen has signed an agreement on cooperation with TriNetX, one of the world’s largest health research networks. As a result of the accesion, Hungarian patients have a better chance of gaining access to the most modern treatments.

By revolutionising the selection processes, the number and quality of clinical studies in the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen may also increase in the future. Using artificial intelligence and relying on the millions of data of the hundreds of thousands of patients, the system of TriNetX is able to find the appropriate subjects for individual studies with greater precision and efficiency than before. This increases the efficiency of the clinical studies carried out at the university and enables the university to join international studies targeting the development of leading medications.

- Due to the development of the selection process patients stand a better chance of being able to join programmes where they can be treated with the most up-to-date medications to be introduced. We aim to be able to offer the most recent therapeutic options to as many potentially affected patients as possible, Dénes Páll, Director of the Coordination Centre for the Development of Medicinal Products stressed.

He added that today technological changes clearly determine optimal selection of patients. In handling large amounts of data accumulated in the computer data base TriNetX is committed to protecting especially sensitive patient data and guaranteeing their maximum safety.

TriNetX is the world’s largest health research network fostering partnerships with health organisations in 23 countries operating thousands of trial sites. It also cooperates with renowned Americal universities like the University of Rochester, Virginia University, the University of Kentucky and the University of Iowa.

The company enables health organisations and corporations involved in the development of biological medicines as well as contract research companies to cooperate, work out better study plans, improve the selection process of study sites and get new therapies to appear on the market sooner. The network creates a real time relationships between specialists working in clinical research and affected patients.

The dynamic development of the Coordination Centre for the Development of Medicinal Products, University of Debrecen, suggests that since its foundation in 2013 it has not only become a leading actor in the domestic development of medicinal products but is has also acquried an internationally oustanding role in the field of pharmacological studies. In Hungary it was the University of Debrecen that TriNetX first signed an agreement on cooperation with and it was the second institution in Eastern and Central Europe to join the worldwide company.

Two months ago the University, first among Hungarian universities, joined the international network that Clinerion; the Switzerland-based company also aims to enhance the efficiency and speed of the process of clinical studies to enable patients to gain access to the most recent treatments as soon as possible.

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