Scandinavian diplomat’s visit to UD

Her Excellency, the Ambassador of Norway to Hungary, visited the University of Debrecen on Friday to learn more about our institution’s program and research structure, its international relations and its extensive network of industrial partners. Trine Skymoen would wish to promote an increase in the number of Norwegian students enrolled at UD.

This was the first time for Trine Skymoen, Norway's ambassador to Hungary since 2020, to get a chance to visit the University of Debrecen. Ms. Skymoen had served as a diplomat in several different parts of the world before, including South Africa, Slovakia and Austria.
In a meeting with Károly Pető, Vice-Rector General, and Okszána Kiszil, Director of Coordination and Strategy, the Ambassador spoke highly of the international community of the University of Debrecen and the outstandingly high number of international students affiliated with UD. There are currently seven students from Norway who go to the Faculty of General Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry, and Trine Skymoen reckons that this number would increase in the future.
In addition to learning about the process of internationalization, the ambassador also inquired about our institution's cross-border training programs, student support system, mobility programs and international relations, as well as cooperation networks and links with the business sector and our industrial partners. Regarding the latter, Vice-Rector Károly Pető presented to her the university's unique industrial park, its strategic research and innovation initiatives and objectives, and the system of internships and dual training aimed at aligning companies and training programs.    

Trine Skymoen also had an opportunity to get familiar with the history of the University of Debrecen during her tour of the Main Building of UD.    

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