In the hometown of Chekhov

It is planned that Hungarian language training can be started at the Taganrog Pedagogical College in Russia, where a common methodological platform will be developed for teaching Russian as a foreign language. The delegation of the Faculty of Humanities of the UD visited the hometown of Chekhov.

The professional relationship between the Slavistic Institute and the Taganrog Pedagogical College bearing Chekhov’s name now has a two-year history in which students and teachers from the two institutions have taken part in consultation sessions and academic conferences, including lectures and seminars.

Presentations on contemporary Hungarian literature continued on the occasion of the current Taganrog visit: Problems of Translation, Contemporary Hungarian Fine Art, The Reception of Goncharov in Hungary, and Chekhov Motifs in Contemporary Transylvanian Lyrics. It was also part of the Taganrog International Chekhov Book Festival. The guest of the book festival was Zahar Prilepin, one of the most well-known writers of contemporary Russian literature, who also talked with the Hungarian translator of his most important novel - the Monastery - József Goretity, the head of the university delegation, the director of the Slavistic Institute, and the head of the Russian Center.

During the visit to the Taganrog Pedagogical College, it was agreed to continue the cooperation, to establish a common methodology platform for teaching Russian as a foreign language, and to start a Hungarian language course at the Taganrog Pedagogical College in the autumn semester.

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