Coronavirus information 12th March

Dear International Students of the University! We would like to inform you that the University Working Group on Epidemiology (formerly University Operative Board) had a meeting on 11th March 2020. The contents of the previous Coronavirus information remain valid!

Please read carefully our latest information letter, formulated in accordance with the measures taken by the Hungarian Government in response to the epidemiological situation, regarding the University of Debrecen.  

In this message we try to answer the frequently asked questions we receive through email.

We call the attention of the university community that the measures are taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic!


Current information

Due to the epidemiological situation related to the spread of SARS-CoV-2, University of Debrecen is temporarily changing several procedures for university citizens.

Until the publication of the present letter, there are still no coronavirus-infected persons among the students and staff of the University of Debrecen at any of the cities where university sites are located (Debrecen, Szolnok, Nyíregyháza, Hajdúböszörmény, Kisvárda, Karcag, Mád).

Due to epidemiological considerations, the Government of Hungary declared a state of emergency, in which higher education institutions are affected in the first instance. As of now (12th March) we have 16 cases in Hungary thus we are not among the first 50 most affected countries.


Under the present measure, the operation of public education institutions is continuous, which also applies to university practice institutions (high schools, primary schools, kindergartens) and nurseries.


Policy for operation from 12th March 2020

Information for Students

In regards to education the institution orders a study break for 12th and 13th March 2020. On these days the already announced exams may be held. Oral exams can only be conducted in individual appointments, so the waiting time in the halls would not happen in bigger groups. Written exams may be conducted for less than 50 people at a time and keeping 1 meter distance between students.

Between 16th and 20th March 2020 the University announces an early spring break. We ask our students not to travel abroad during the spring break, and if possible to stay in their homes!

From 23rd March 2020 until further notice all higher education institutions must teach online, taking into consideration the special circumstances for each institution.

Detailed information about the online education will be provided by the Faculties next week. Please check your messages from the Neptun system regularly!

Administrative services for students are provided only online. The expiry date of the documents based on the Government’s decision is extended for the time of the extraordinary regulations (this includes student card!).


 General Practitioner and Medical Check up


Physical examination/occupational health check up – banned

Please do not go to blood test, chest X-ray and physical examination even though you have a booked appointment at the Doctor's Office or at the X-ray lab.

General practitioner


The General Practitioner's Office is open during the spring break and the online teaching period but our request is not to visit them in case you have flu or corona virus symptoms (high fever over 38 degrees, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, muscle/joint pain),or if you travelled abroad or you had any contacts with suspected Corona virus cases:

Please stay at home and get in touch with one of the following contacts:

During weekdays, between 8:00-16:00:

MD's of Coordinating Center for International Education, University of Debrecen

Telephone number: +36 30 227-86-04

In any other time, or in case the previous phone number is not available:

Dept. of Infectology, Kenézy Hospital, University of Debrecen

Telephone number:+36 52-511-866

In case you have any other medical problems the GP's Office can be visited during their official opening hours, please call them and book an appointment in advance on +36 52 316 666/ext. 23012.

Information about Immigration Office

As previously mentioned the on-Campus Immigration Office will be closed from 12th March during the state of emergency. Their Main Office on Sámsoni Street branch will be open, but due to the epidemic the preferred way of extending your residence permit is online through the Enter Hungary system (you can find more information here: The expiry date of the residence permit is not automatically extended, you must apply for the extension! You may request the required student status certificate for the residence permit extension from your usual University Administrator online.


Opening schedule of the teaching facilities, operation of services


During the spring break and the time of distant learning/online teaching students are not allowed to visit teaching facilities.

Regarding thesis, PhD dissertation and other consultation duties contact with students must be online.

This method should be followed by PhD students in regards to teaching and research.


The Main Building of the University works according to regular opening hours.

During the spring break and the distance learning period the teaching facilities will be open or closed based on the decision of the Deans, but the staff must be able to work continuously.

The electronic and book lending services of the UD University and National Library will be available, but until further notice the reading rooms will be closed.

Restaurants, canteens, buffets will be operational according to the decision of the management, in case of event organization the Government protocol must be kept.

In regards to Sport facilities the PE lessons from the curriculum will be cancelled.


International students may stay in the dormitory.

We call the attention of those students who stay in the dormitory that it is prohibited to accept visitors! Also we ask the residents to use the public areas (kitchen, laundry room, study room, TV-room etc.) only and as long as necessary, and to comply the policies of the dormitory (especially the ones about hygiene!).

From the announcement of the special regulations dormitories do not accept hotel guests, the existing bookings will be cancelled. 


Based on the Hungarian Government’s decision indoor events for over 100 people and outdoor events for over 500 people are prohibited.

Based on the measures taken by the UD Student Union all student events for March are cancelled, including the clubs managed by Campus Nonprofit Kft., Debrecen. Students need to keep in mind the safety warnings in connection with non-University events as well! 

Rules about travel

Starting from 6th March for 30 days members of the University are not allowed to travel abroad for official visits, and are not allowed to accept guests from abroad. Travels planned for this period are cancelled.

Based on the official announcement from 5th March on all official travel abroad is forbidden for officials of the University!

We cannot force international students to stay in Hungary, but we highly recommend not travelling abroad in the upcoming weeks. Flights, airports are the most dangerous places to go currently (confined places, huge number of people). That is why we do not recommend immediate travel back to your home country or any other places. The number of infected people in most of the neighboring countries is higher than in Hungary.

If you still decide to travel back to your home country we cannot guarantee that you can come back to Hungary! In case you manage to return to Hungary you have to follow the valid protocol about the self-isolation/quarantine which will be updated.

Those who went abroad for personal reasons during their vacation are obliged to inform their employers in an official way, and to stay at home for 21 days (paid or unpaid leave) and they must avoid public places. The 21 day home isolation is also valid for students!

We would like to ask you not to travel abroad during the following weeks, not even during your free time!

Please keep in mind that everyone is personally responsible for the compliance of the above detailed regulations, not keeping them is considered infringement and the endangerment of others.  

Further and constantly updated information about the regions affected by the virus can be found on the following websites:


We provide information about changes and news concerning the University frequently.

Dear Students!

Please note that young people as asymptomatic carriers or with slight symptoms (because of the infectivity of the virus) can be life threateningly dangerous for the elderly, so their responsibility is individually important in history in connection with the elderly and their own relatives!

We ask all student to keep the preventive measures mentioned in our earlier messages, and avoid public places, and not to organize private events for more than 5-10 people.

Recommendations for Hygiene:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly and frequently with warm water and soap.
  2. Use hand disinfectant.
  3. Limit greeting forms associated with direct contact (handshake, kiss, etc.).
  4. Do not rub your eyes or touch your face.
  5. Use a tissue if you cough or sneeze. Practice cough hygiene rules. Dispose of the used tissue in the bin.
  6. Disinfect commonly used items (computer keyboards, door handles, etc.).
  7. Ventilate as often as possible.
  8. Avoid crowds as much as possible during transportation and your free time.   

Dear Members of the University!

The above detailed information and protocol is created for the current situation, and it might be altered by the UD Epidemiology Workgroup if necessary.

For this please carefully read our messages, in which we continuously provide information about the updated duties.

Our University does everything in its power to deal with the current situation properly. We ask the members of the University to help the efficiency of the prevention with their responsible behavior!

Debrecen, 12th March


On behalf of the Coordinating Center for International Education:


Prof. Attila Jenei Ph.D.