Additional relations with China are established

Two institutions of higher education located in Shanghai, China, wish to map up cooperation opportunities with the University of Debrecen in the fields of engineering education and research. The delegations also have held talks with the management of the Faculty of Engineering.

Shanghai DianJi University is seeking educational cooperation with the University of Debrecen, as it was recorded in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Vice President Yang Wanfeng and Vice Rector for General Affairs Károly Pető during the Chinese delegation's visit on October 11.

Founded in 1953, the public higher education institution called SDU, which is oriented towards advanced manufacturing and service industries, considers the field of engineering as its dominant discipline and is looking for joint opportunities with the University of Debrecen in the area of dual degree courses and dual programs. Their delegation discussed the details with Vice-Rector Károly Pető, Director of Coordination and Strategy Okszána Kiszil and the management of the Faculty of Engineering. 

Another delegation from Shanghai University of Electric Power (SUEP) also arrived at the University of Debrecen on October 16 with an intention to establish cooperation.

President Li Mingfu highlighted that their institution normally gives top priority to both education and research in engineering. Among the courses they offer, the most relevant ones are in energy and mechanical engineering, environmental and chemical engineering, electrical engineering, automation engineering, computer and technology, electronics and information engineering, economics and management, mathematics and physics.

SUEP is also looking forward to finding opportunities for cooperation with the University of Debrecen in a number of different areas, as an agreement to this effect has been signed by President Li Mingfu and Vice-Rector Károly Pető.

Following the signing ceremony, the members of the delegation had a discussion with the management of the Faculty of Technology, including Dean Géza Husi, Vice Deans Judit T. Kiss and Imre Kocsis, as well as Zsolt Tiba, Dean’s Representative for Foreign Affairs, about ideas and suggestions for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, staff and student exchanges, joint research programs, international conferences and online courses.

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