28 Jun
The sports science trainings and research as well as the performance diagnostics background of the University of Debrecen have all played a role in the decision of the Hungarian government that one of the country’s new velodromes should be built in Debrecen.
28 Jun
Students of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen are preparing for this year’s Shell Eco-marathon with Hunor, one of the country’s most energy efficient vehicles. The world’s leading energy efficiency competition is organised in London between July 5 and 8.
28 Jun
Vietnamese students who graduated from the University of Debrecen back in the 1970s have returned to their alma mater to meet their one-time professors and fellow students. The event was organised within the framework of a conference designed to strengthen Hungarian-Vietnamese relations.
28 Jun
Evidence-based public health training is under way at the Institute of Preventive Medicine of the Faculty of Public Health, University of Debrecen, for professionals of the south-European country. The three-day programme is part of the PH-ELIM project.
27 Jun
The six-strong delegation of the University of Sarajevo paid a visit to the University of Debrecen on Wednesday. Cooperation between the two universities cover several fields, including Roma education and cohesion as well as mobility programmes for students and teachers.
25 Jun
The DEAC-DAK University Table Tennis Centre was opened at the Nagyerdei Stadium on Sunday. In the 700-square-metre facility, licensed and amateur players, including university students may use as many as 15 tables from now on.
22 Jun
The method used for fetal DNA testing from the mother’s blood can also be used for the detection of tumours, cardiovascular diseases and infections. The latest research results in this field were recently presented at an international conference held at the University of Debrecen.
21 Jun
Twenty youngsters from China participated in the special programme of the Debrecen Summer School, where they followed a variety of courses in Hungarian over the past year. All of them are students at the Beijing International Studies University, enrolled in a seven-year programme.
18 Jun
To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the existence of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences of the Faculty of Public Health of the Uversity of Debrecen organised a formal sitting. Its professionals teach at six faculties, and their Master’s Degree in health psychology is unique in Hungary.
18 Jun
Hungarian and international experts discussed the novel approach to the teaching of anatomy, innovative digital techniques, as well as the most recent results of neuroscience, clinical anatomy, cell and developmental biology at the University of Debrecen.