24 Apr
The 2nd Flemish-Dutch Cultural Festival in Debrecen will start with a book launch organised in the framework of Science Cafe, a series of scientific presentations of the UD.
23 Apr
By establishing the External Department of Power System Engineering and updating the equipment of the measuring lab, the University of Debrecen and E.ON are strengthening their cooperation, which also includes dual education. The parties signed the agreement on Monday.
20 Apr
An international research programme that may produce significant results in evolutionary biology is led by the University of Debrecen. Researchers from ten countries discussed various issues at the opening conference of the programme that will be realised in the framework of the Élvonal Program.
24 Apr
On Friday, visitors can sample international specialties of teams from twenty countries including Brazil, China, Iceland, Indonesia, Isreal, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Yemen, and Syria at the University of Debrecen. Get ready for the 13th International Food Day!
13 Apr
A partnership agreement made between the University of Debrecen and the Chekhov Institute of the Rostov State University of Economics, signed on Wednesday, opens the way for collective research programmes as well as student and lecturer exchange programmes.
12 Apr
Participants of the events of the academic day hosted by Faculty of Law of the University of Debrecen discussed topical issues of international law. The academic day, which comprised two conferences, also provided a chance to students to present their own research findings.
11 Apr
Launching an undergraduate program in digital dentistry is planned by the 15 years old Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Debrecen, which would be unique in the whole of Europe. This information was released at the press conference of 19th Debrecen Days of Dentistry on Wednesday.
10 Apr
“Semaine Francaise” is the name of the week-long series of events hosted by the Department of French Studies of the Faculty of Humanities for the first time between April 9th and 13th but with an intention to make it an annually recurring program.
09 Apr
The University of Debrecen has maintained its leading position among Hungarian higher education institutions. In 2018 the number of applicants wishing to study at the UD has grown to an extent exceeding the national average. The only institution finishing ahead of the UD is Eötvös Lóránd University.
09 Apr
The University of Debrecen has made it to the 2018 world list of higher education institutions published by Round University Ranking (RUR). Out of the evaluated areas, the UD achieved its best result in the category of international diversity.