17 Sep
Foreign students who arrived for the autumn semester were greeted with traditional Hungarian food and drinks, as well as with a folk dance show at UD on Friday.
14 Sep
The Faculty of Music of UD is launching a new concert series – the Steinway Piano Evenings offers a special experience by demonstrating the abilities of the world-class instrument of the university. Currently, the faculty offers 6 concert series.
13 Sep
Ecologists of UD have produced surprising results in their research studying the effect of human activities on the dispersal of vegetation. Their presentation was a huge success at the conference of The Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
12 Sep
38 Chinese students from the University of International Studies in Beijing have started a 1-year programme studying Hungarian at the Faculty of Humanities of UD.
11 Sep
Over 50 teachers of the University of Debrecen participated in the teaching methodology training of a special partner of Times Higher Education, one of the most prestigious organisations that provide international ranking lists in higher education. The teachers received their diplomas on Friday.
06 Sep
The modern, multifunctional learning center of UD, a 3 billion HUF development, will be completed at the end of 2019. Preparation works started in early September.
03 Sep
This year’s meeting of the general assembly of Visegrad University Association is to be held at Debrecen. Members of the university managements of as many as eight countries have arrived to participate in the three-day meeting.
31 Aug
The EU regulation that puts a ban on the use of amalgam filling causes no problems either in patient care or education at the dentistry unit of the University of Debrecen. In children's dentistry, doctors have used an innovative material that provides protection against caries for years.
30 Aug
Nikoletta Andrea Nagy, a young biologist at University of Debrecen, studies the hormonal background of the biparental care of lethrus apterus. Her presentation on her research was judged the best at the 29th Conference of European Comparative Endocrinologists.
29 Aug
As the hosting institute of EECERA’s 2018 conference, the University of Debrecen was accommodating more than 1000 participants from 62 countries of 5 continents in Budapest. The main topic of the conference that was the role and importance of families and communities in early childhood development.