27 Nov
As the only Hungarian member of an international team, László Radócz, head of the Institute of Plant Protection, studied the transformation of the natural environment on the coral island of Ducie. The last time a scientific expedition visited the Pacific island was 10 years ago.
23 Nov
His Excellency, Markku Virri, Finland’s Ambassador to Hungary, also came to the University of Debrecen on his first visit to our city. The diplomat has been representing his country in Budapest since September of this year.
22 Nov
As part of a nationwide programme, simulation-based education will be developed at the Faculty of General Medicine from a grant of HUF 800 million. Some of the new assets added include lifelike patient simulators capable of producing symptoms, as well as a 3D anatomical board.
21 Nov
The Faculty of Health of the University of Debrecen offers a master’s programme that is unique in Europe. The healthcare social worker programme was launched in 2017, and is already very popular.
20 Nov
World-class technical developments will be realised in the Biomechanical Laboratory of the University of Debrecen. The high-tech devices, including the 3D printer capable of producing metal bone prosthetics, were dedicated at the 25th anniversary celebration of the laboratory.
16 Nov
Students' programmes in the morning, stadium show in the afternoon. You can relive the moments of the university day via the official aftermovies. This year 22,000 people attended yoUDay, the unique year-opening party of UD.
14 Nov
Diehl Aviation Hungary, a company designing and manufacturing aircraft parts, has created a design lab at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of UD, where students will learn about cutting-edge technology applied in aircraft design.
14 Nov
In his presentation at the University of Debrecen, a lecturer of the Obninsk Nuclear Power Institute talked about the technological and technical aspects of designing nuclear power plants.
14 Nov
This year the University of Debrecen hosts the Meeting of Hungarian International Coordinators between 14-16 November, where the employees of higher educational institutions dealing with international affairs discuss issues related to students' and lecturers' mobility.
13 Nov
Under the motto "The ideal second language in Debrecen", participants can hear about university German programmes, language exams and foreign scholarships on Thursday, the Day of the German Language.