11 Feb
Debreceni Nyári Egyetem [Debrecen Summer School] continues to offer its ever-popular semester courses on less widely used and taught languages (LWTL) this year. Signing up for these courses is possible until February 19, and teaching will start at the end of the same month.
11 Feb
By defending its title won last year, team “BrainStorm” of Debrecen’s Ady Endre Gimnázium [Endre Ady High School] won the national English-language debating contest DEbate, the finals of which were hosted by Institute of English and American Studies of Debrecen this past Friday.
05 Feb
Distinguished representatives of the Hungarian and international business life transfer their knowledge and experience in industry to students of the UD. The first courses offered by the Institute of Engineering and Business Development Innovation start in the second term of the 2018/19 year.
30 Jan
The Faculty of Engineering awaits its would-be students with laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology, continuously renewing trainings, 7 bachelors and 7 masters as well as several specialised trainings.
29 Jan
Dentistry training at the Faculty of Dentistry (FOK) is a model training at both domestic and international levels – the celebrating audience who had gathered to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Dentistry was told on January 28.
29 Jan
Learn from the very best Hungarian teachers of economic science in Debrecen! The Faculty of Economic Science (FES) awaits its would-be students with a Master’s degree in teaching economics, dual and sports science studies, as well as unforgettable student years.
28 Jan
The Faculty of Science and Technology, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, awaits prospective students with engineering programmes presenting state-of-the-art technologies and programmes in natural sciences providing high-quality knowledge.
25 Jan
Starting from September, the educational offering of the Faculty of Music will be further expanded in the area of master’s and short-cycle programmes. As a result of the developments of the previous years, professional records can now also be produced at the University of Debrecen.
21 Jan
Academic programmes in line with developments in medical science, diagnostics and treatment, degrees recognised both in Hungary and abroad, high-tech labs, student-friendly campus – this is what the Faculty of Medicine at UD can offer.
21 Jan
Dual education in the Social Worker bachelor programme, Nursing programme at correspondence training – novelties at the Faculty of Health of the University of Debrecen. European-level education and excellent career opportunities await the prospective students of the campus in Nyíregyháza.