10 Feb
The current visiting professor from India at the Department of Ayurveda in Debrecen is to offer an introductory course on the primary reasons for diseases, traditional phytotherapy, and a generally more holistic approach to healing.
07 Feb
A delegation from the Nigerian Ministry of Education have visited our university to meet Nigerian students who spend some time in Debrecen with support from the scholarship Stipendium Hungaricum, and the members of the delegation also had an appointment on Tuesday with Vice Rector Elek Bartha.
03 Feb
In addition to coming in to fifth place in a prestigious group of contestants, Nagyerdei Water Tower also won the special prize of the Hungarian Tourism Agency in the Highlights of Hungary competition. The tower was renovatedby the University of Debrecen a year and a half ago.
18 Jan
A discovery of key importance has been made by researchers of the UD during the course of investigating gene regulators that are responsible for various types of cancer among other things. Their findings have also appeared in the prestigious publishing house of Oxford University Press.
17 Jan
International student at UD Magal Deutsch, who treks around Nagyerdő [Big Forest] and its surroundings by dogsled, has attracted a lot of attention lately. The student who is a lover of dog sports has been featured in a number of newspaper articles and television programs in Hungary.
04 Jan
Increased dormitory capacity and internationally acclaimed high standards are the catch phrases that describe the seven-year dorm development program launched at the University of Debrecen, in the framework of which a brand new dormitory and more than 200 new rooms will have been constructed by 2023
22 Dec
Students and faculty alike have been polled electronically about their preference concerning the color of the interior walls of the gym and fitness hall soon to be opened in the new stadium called Nagyerdei Stadion.
16 Dec
A body consisting of 71 persons, 30 meetings, 1125 resolutions – these are some of the most important numbers in connection with the currently outgoing Senate of the University of Debrecen. The last session of Senate in its current composition was held on 15 December, where memories of the past few
15 Dec
Exchange students who had spent the autumn semester at the University of Debrecen decorated the traditional Erasmus Christmas tree in the Main Building and said goodbye to one another and to the university at a festive dinner.
14 Dec
Researchers from the University of Debrecen participate in the international project preparing a volume on the status of the Roma minority in Europe.