UD on an American rankling list

2019. november 04. - 13:30 The University of Debrecen (UD) has finished in second position among Hungarian institutions of higher education on the overseas Best Global Universities ranking list. UD has excelled at biology, and biochemistry as well as chemistry and medicine.

The University of Debrecen has reached 635th position globally, and 284th among European universities on US NEWS’ Best Global Universities ranking which examines 1599 universities. Academic reputation of universities plays a decisive part in the making of the list: in this dimension UD has finished 887 globally and 123 among European universities. In terms of sciences UD has excelled at biology and biochemistry, chemistry and medicine. In these fields UD ranks 52, 74, and 47 regionally.

- The University of Debrecen has been traditionally strong at medicine and the underlying natural sciences: biology, chemistry and physics. This is what is reflected in this ranking as well, which considers academic research and reputation, Ákos Pintér, vice rector for general affairs told  hirek.unideb.hu.

Best Global Universities calculate the following 13 indicators for the ranking: global research reputation (12,5%), regional research reputation (12,5%), number of publications (10%), books (2,5%), conferences (2,5%), normalised citations (10%), total citations (7,5%), number of publications that are among the top 10% most cited in their respective field (12,5%), percentage of all publications cited in the top 10% most cited (12,5%), international collaboration (5%), percentage of publications as a result of international collaboration (5%), number of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited in their respective field (5%), percentage of total number of papers that are among the top 1% most cited (5%).

The list is headed by Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University, USA. Among Hungarian universities Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest is ranked 434 before UD at 635, followed by Semmelweis University at 682, the University of Szeged  at 688, The Budapest University of Engineering and Economics at 944, and finally the University of Pécs at 1125. 

To see the Best Global Universities ranking list, click here. [3]

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