UniFit Is Prepared For The New Semester

2020. September 11. - 13:49 Complying with the pandemic-related rules, and with the number of visitors optimised, the fitness centre of UD awaits students who need to attend PE classes and those who just want to do some physical exercise. A simple negative air pressure system has also been installed in the facility.

During the first wave of the Corona pandemic, students completed their practical PE exams at home. After taking all the precautionary measures, the fitness centre will be open for students in the next weeks.

Tamás Balogh, technical and operative director of the UniFit Fitness & Gym Center said that the operation of the facility, the reception of students, and sports programmes will go smoothly, as usual.  Due to the pandemic, greater emphasis will be placed on providing students with medical recommendations.

Upon arrival, hand disinfection is mandatory. The staff will try to make sure that students keep a 1.5 metre distance, and the equipment will be disinfected on a regular basis. In the rooms where groups attend classes like aerobics, pilates, aerial yoga, spine training, the number of participants will be restricted.

- It is important to note that this 2,600 sqm facility was designed to hold a large number of people.  So we will have to take care of these people.  We even turned to the Institute of Infectology for advice, as we wanted to install a negative-pressure air-exchange system that would ensure clean air in the facility at the level of hospitals. The high-tech installations at Unifit are able to ensure a safe environment and clean air for visitors – pointed out Tamás Balogh.

The director of the centre explained that all services and sports programmes related to PE classes will be available, including the 2,000 sqm fitness section, the cardio equipment, and the facilities for resistance training. Tamás Balogh believes that physical activity is important in the current situation as well, in order to remain healthy.

- In spring, we performed analyses of research results related to sport sciences and physiology in cooperation with the Institute for the Coordination of Sport Sciences and the Sport Diagnostic and Lifestyle Therapy Centre. We concluded that one of the most effective prevention methods was doing physical exercise, naturally, with the pandemic-related rules in mind. We developed a programme which included sport, healthy diet, and the intake of micronutrients. These components can strengthen the immune system significantly. The number of people who realised this started to grow from May: more and more students came to do PE. This is what we think will happen in autumn as well. The so-called extensive training is a proven method for strengthening the immune system, which helps us avoid medical problems more efficiently. In the winter season, more students are expected to choose indoor sport activities – he said.

Besides ensuring the infrastructural background required for complying with the rules, UniFit awaits visitors with professional and ethical trainers.

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