World class laboratory at the University of Debrecen

2019. September 13. - 14:10 A laboratory with uniquely up-to-date instrumentation that can also be used in cancer research was unveiled at the University of Debrecen on Monday. Renewed with nearly 1 billion forints, a laboratory for cell analysis bears the name of Sándor Damjanovich, a former professor of the UD.

In recent years the laboratory for cell analysis of the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Biology of the Faculty of Medicine has received modern microscopes and  cytometers. Realised from GINOP tender and worth nearly 1 billion forints, it has turned into a world-class service lab and will from now on bear the name of Sándor Damjanovich.

- The Institute of Biophysics was founded in 1969 by a former professor of the University, a major figure of the Hungarian and international biophysics community, who introduced several pioneering techniques for cell analysis, said György Panyi, director of the Insitute for Biophysics an Cell Biology at the press conference introducing the laboratory on August 26.

László Csernoch, vice rector for academic affairs, said: the professor  recognised tha fact that in scientific life progress in  the field of life sciences will be siginificant if we use techniques  that represent the highest levels of the modern age. 

- Nowhere in Eurpe is such up-to-date instrumentation available which enables  measurements  and examinations of the highest levels of international research, the vice rector of the University stressed.

The Damjanovich Sándor Service Laboratory for Cell Analysis (DSZL) provides a background for cancer research, among other things, but also helps examionation of inflammatory diseases and  the development of medicinal products.

According to László Mátyus, dean of the Faculty of General Medicine, high-quality education  cannot exist without high-quality research. The instruments will primarily play an important role in postgraduate education while the up-to-date technologies used in the laboratories are important from the aspect of general medical training.

-The mission of the laboratory is to help basic research and innovation in the wild spectrum of life sciences. We ensure access to cutting edge research infrastructure for both university researchers, industrial partners and Hungarian as well foreign users, János Szöllősi, university professor, head of the laboratory with an independent management said.

The DSZL lab also funtions as a European service lab, connecting the University of Debrecen to  the international integration.

 - The laboratory is the „flagship” of the Hungarian unit of the Euro-Bioimaging consortium, whose task is to organise all the European imaging laboratories  into a network. This consortium provides Hungarian researchers to learn new techniques in other foreign laboratories and we also expect that, together with the professionals who come to our university, new collaborations can develop, bringing new tender opportunities with them, György Vámosi, research fellow said. 

The Damjanovich Sándor Service Laboratory for Cell Analysis (DSZL) was opened in connection with the 27th Congress of the Hungarian Society for Biophysics. The 3-day professional meeting that  began on 26 August is one of the major events of Hungarian biophysicists.  More than 150 participants discuss the current topics of the field at the Congress taking place at the University of Debrecen.

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