Secure position in the European avantgarde

2019. June 17. - 13:30 The University of Debrecen has achieved excellent positions in several fields on the U-Multirank. The organisation has ranked over 1700 insititutions of higher education from 96 countries. The list of rankings was published on Tuesday.

The Europen Union backed U-Multirank project is a multi-dimensional ranking of universities, which ranks institutions of higher education based not only on a few aspects but it also evaluates the performance of colleges and universities based on several indicators of five different areas. In addition to the general values, this year rankers have the university’s perfomance from ten different apects, including engineering, biology, physics, mathematics and information technology  training .

Among all universities the University of Debrecen received the mark 1, best category, in terms of the indicator of external research income, in terms of the number of publications cited in patents, the number of businesses started by graduates  and in terms of the success of foreign language bachelor level programmes.

Also highest ranking was achieved by bachelor and masters students of chemical engineer ing and physics because of the number of degrees obtained in time.  Students of environmental engineering were also ranked in the first /best/ category  by the criteria of internships spent in the region and the ratio of the regional joint publications.

Foreign language bachelor and masters programmes were ranked 2, outstanding, also in terms of graduation and employment in the region.  

- All in all, based on the examined criteria, the strengths of the University of Debrecen primarily were international relations and regional involvement while the indicators representing  the level of learning and education show high appreciation of the level of the university’s performance in the international  field, Ákos Pintér, general vice rector of UD told , in connection with the publication of the ranking.

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