Cooperation with Salzburg

2019. June 17. - 14:48 The Balásházy János Teacher-training Secondary School of the University of Debrecen may be the basis institution of the FC Redbull Salzburg academy football team. This was one of the points of agenda of an agreement between in a meeting organised on Tuesday by UD Sports Science Coordination Centre.

An increasing number of Hungarian players are playing in the espoir supply of the Austrian club, who go there from all corners of the country. The leadership of FC Red Bull Salzburg would like the training of the football players in Hungary to be coordinated by one school. Acording to plan, this school is going to be the Balásházy János Secondary School.

- Young football players would have individual curricula and sit for their exams in the school of the University of Debrecen. They will have the opportunity to even join classes via the Internet between two training sessions, László Balogh, Director of UD Sports Science Coordination Centre.  This has been a verbal agreement only, soon the contract based on it will be prepared.

Representatives of the Austrian club also paid a visit to the  Debrecen Football Academy. Sámuel Major, 17, who signed a contract with Salzburg in August 2017, will also attend the meeting.

- The University of Debrecen owns one-third of the Academy.  Representatives from  Salzburg were interested to know how the university and the academy work together, and to find out whether this relationship could be a model for them, László Balogh added.

The Austrian Academy wishes to open cooperation towards the East and build relationships – this is one of the points in which they wish to rely on the University of Debrecen as a strategic partner of cooperation.

Last November the Sports Science Coordination Centre signed an agreement with the University of Salzburg in the field of sports science training, including student exchange and joint projects. The June 4 visit by the leaders of the Austrian Academy was also related to this.

The meeting was attended by Winfried Kogelnik, director of the school, Klaus Ginther sports director, Lajos Király M., founder and director of the private school of the academy, László Balogh, Director of UD Sports Science Coordination Centre, and Miklós Filep, director of the  Balásházy János Teacher-training Secondary School.  

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