“Exotic Languages” Offered at Nyári Egyetem

2019. February 18. - 15:54 Debreceni Nyári Egyetem [Debrecen Summer School] continues to offer its ever-popular semester courses on less widely used and taught languages (LWTL) this year. Signing up for these courses is possible until February 19, and teaching will start at the end of the same month.

According to statistics, employers tend to look for potential employees who speak at least one, less commonly taught language in addition to one or two world languages or lingua franca-s. This is exactly what any interested party can aim for in Debrecen this semester as well, since Debreceni Nyári Egyetem will continue the teaching of so-called small and exotic languages. The bill of fare for those with a penchant for these peculiar languages will consist of Norwegian, Arabic, Korean, Romanian, Swedish, and Turkish.

As Director Péter Szaffkó has told us, it has been the intention of this institution for a number of years to offer services that are not available at the university or elsewhere, which is why they advertise the possibility for signing up for these courses this year, too.

A course generally consists of 20 course units, and anyone can sign up for taking them. However, if you are a student, you can also gain credits for successfully completing them.

For further information, or to sign up for the courses, go to: www.nyariegyetem.hu

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