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2019. February 11. - 16:29 Distinguished representatives of the Hungarian and international business life transfer their knowledge and experience in industry to students of the UD. The first courses offered by the Institute of Engineering and Business Development Innovation start in the second term of the 2018/19 year.

DU is seeking to provide practice-oriented training that suits industry needs in the fields of engineering, economic science, management and information technology. The Institute of Engineering and Business Development Innovation was established in 2018 to serve that purpose. In the new organisational unit business experts with several years or even decades of leadership experience and substantial professional experience in the fields of industry and business work to enable students to enter the labour market armed with state of the art practical knowledge that enhance their competitiveness.

Endre Ascsillán, Vice President of GE Hungary as one of the business experts of The Institute of Engineering and Business Development Innovation identified as his main goal the mentoring of those young people who are open and motivated to complete their well-functioning university  training with the practical experience and knowledge they can obtain in a company setting necessary to solve the challenges of a fast-changing economic environment. The partnering companies provide university students with opportunities for practical training, enabling them to meet first hand those technologies and solutions that are  the most important in terms of competitiveness in the fields of digitalisation, Industry 4.0., regulation techniques, or appropriate human resources. They assist the students, with a view to business development, by providing training, mentoring, and capital investment and institutional credit opportunties for them.

Also involved in the work of the institute are Joerg Bauer, CEO of the Tungsram Group, Gergő Lencsés, General Manager of GE Power global value chain, Attila Ferik Attila, Senior Director of software engineering of GE Healthcare, Attila Dezső, member of the Curia public procurement legal analysis group as well as Gergely Szabó, CEO of MET Magyarország Zrt.

The distinguished experts start the first two courses at the University of Debrecen this February. In the course offered as „Business Management and Innovation” the students can familiarise themselves with the rudiments of enterprise as well as the modern strategies of company management, and the legal and financial background of enterprise launch through practical examples. The students receive the kind of comprehensive knowledge of the market from Joerg Bauer, Endre Ascsillán and Attila Dezső that is necessary to make strategic decisions on which the growth of both start-ups and large companies are based.

The course entitled „Product development, risk management, production and supply chain management” aims to familiarise students with production processes, as well as analysis and management of complex processes. Based on several industrial segments, some of the outstanding leaders of Hungarian economy, Gergő Lencsés, Attila Ferikand Gergely Szabó demonstrate  the processes necessary for the successful functioning of production companies from planning all the way to strategic decision-making. They outline the fields of supply chain management, the activities linked to the flow of goods, the challenges of product development, touching on, among other things, the potential of Industry 4.0 in health care. And, through the example of the energy sector, they transfer up-to-date knowledge in the fields of risk management and operations management of enterpsises.

The distinguished experts’ classes will be held in blocks on four occasions during the term, using predominantly American methods.  Students of any faculty can enrol on these courses between February 5 and 25.

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