Erasmus Farewell Dinner

2017. May 25. - 11:42 A selection of traditional Hungarian dishes on the menu, the presentation of certificates, and a parade of the flags were just some of the things at the farewell party of exchange students in the spring semester, held in the Ceremonial Hall.

The University of Debrecen, International Relations Committee of the Student Government, said goodbye to 120 international students in the framework of the now traditional Farewell Dinner, held in the Main Building. The organisers aimed at creating a true Hungarian milieu, so in addition to the excellent Hungarian wines, there was also dumpling soup from the nearby Nyírség region and “derelye” pasta also on the tables. At the farewell party, not only the excellent food was appreciated, but the outstanding students of the community also received recognition. The award categories included the best Hungarian speaker, the friendliest exchange student, and even a Mr. and Mrs. Erasmus, which prestigious titles went to David Espiñeira of Spain and Raky Mata of France, respectively.

“This has been a semester of good results, both in terms of the activities of the Hungarian and the international students. We have organised several successful events during the semester, such as the SocialErasmus Week, the kindergarten visit programme was recognised around Europe by the SocialErasmus community. In addition, the International Event, the carnival doughnut-making, the treasure hunt, as well as the Just Dance and Xbox gaming days were also popular”, said Regina Erdei, chairperson of the International Relations Committee, summarising the most successful events of the spring semester.

The farewell event continued downtown, where a party showcasing the national flags made the evening more colourful. Participants could also bring their favourite white t-shirts, which were signed by members of the exchange programme. The Erasmus students returning home donated many clothes, kitchen utensils and non-perishable food items, which they purchased during their stay but cannot take home. As a closing of the semester’s charitable activities, the International Relations Committee will collect these and hand them over to Debrecen Bike Mafia, an organisation helping homeless people.

DEHDK Press Office