Campus Fesztivál among the Best

2017. May 04. - 17:54 Campus Fesztivál, which has been in close cooperation with the University of Debrecen for the past ten years, has been awarded an international acknowledgment on its tenth “birthday.”

EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe), the most prestigious European organization specializing in the assessment and evaluation of festivals, has recently granted the highest level of qualification to the currently ten-year-old Campus Fesztivál. An important aspect in the assessment process was the fact that this festive event plays a crucial part in reaching out to and communicating with young people in Eastern Hungary and that, through its music offerings and additional program choices, it provides an excellent quality pastime for them. During the past decade, the festival has been a living proof of the serious intention to convey and mediate special cultural content to young audiences. In 2014, it was the recipient of an Artisjus Award, and the activity and efforts of the organizers were again properly appreciated and acknowledged this year by EFFE. With this recognition, Campus Fesztivál has joined the ranks of festivals that represent high artistic quality and exert significant influence at the local, national, and international levels as well, as a summer event highly acclaimed even outside Hungary.

“It is a matter of pride not just for us but also for the University of Debrecen that the merits of this festival are duly recognized along the lines of cultural and communal importance across the borders, too. This is the result of the joint endeavor of all the contributors and partners working with us. It is also a kind of birthday present on the jubilee of Campus and the expression of gratitude for the continuous and hard work of the past ten years,” said Festival Director Péter Miklósvölgyi.

Campus Fesztivál is the only festival of popular and alternative music supported by an institution of higher education as an active participant and eager contributor. The University of Debrecen is indeed part and parcel of Campus through its self-sufficient Egyetem Tér and separate stage.
The latest development is that the thousand-square-meter section of the festival site that is preserved for the university at its usual location close to the main entrance will be open for visitors as early as day zero of the festival. The individual departments and other units of the university will present themselves through a range of colorful and easy-going informal program sessions that perfectly fit the spirit of the festival.

For the first time this year, a giant board game will be offered for trial, in which the pieces will be the festival participants themselves. The objective of the game is to let the players learn as much about the university as possible, including the academic, leisure-time, cultural and sports-related opportunities available. The board itself will be a replica of the floor plan of the main building of the university to let those involved take a virtual tour of the premises.

The stage at Egyetem Tér will again act as a venue for talent searches, interactive lectures and presentations held by well-known teachers and academic experts, and concerts by both popular and lesser-known bands in the evenings.

Like in previous years, Campus Fesztivál will offer a unique party infrastructure next to Nagyerdei Stadion and its immediate environment between July 19 and 23, with a bill of fare full of the most popular Hungarian performers and a couple of international stars of stage and screen, like The Prodigy and Lukas Graham.

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