Dinner Around the World

2016. November 18. - 15:46 In addition to national dishes from abroad, like cottage pie, tortilla patata, and gazpacho, Hungarian fasírt [appr.: meat loaf] and somlói [chocolate sponge cake] were also on the bill of fare at this year’s International Dinner.

Foreign Affairs Committee of the Student Self-Government of the University of Debrecen hosted an evening of gastronomy on November 16 in the venue Klinika mozi, where national dishes from more than 15 different countries were prepared and served. The evening was designed to be spent in the spirit of leisurely diversions, while UD international students could try each other’s national specialties as well as typical food and drink staples of Hungarian cuisine. There were more than 100 students present at the event, preparing particular varieties of food of their respective homelands and “taking a seat” at the smorgasbord of so many different countries.

The winner of the culinary contest, and the recipient of the award offered by International Office and Campus Rádió, turned out to be Team Azerbaijan, primarily, for their boundless hospitality and highly esthetic service. The ESN Debrecen award went to the male team of Great Britain, while the evening’s audience choice award was given to the Portuguese students, chiefly, in appreciation of their tasty cookies and biscuits. The prizes that were handed out included bottles of champagne, boxes of the ever-popular Hungarian chocolate delicacy Macskanyelv, and even hand-crafted wooden spoons.

“The event called International Dinner is an all-time favorite for international students, since it is a marvelous opportunity for networking and learning about other cultures, mainly because it is a lot easier for the participants to mingle and to get to know one another while trying out the noshes,” said Réka Jakab, President of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Student Self-Government of the University of Debrecen.

Next up in the series of events for international students is going to be a Karaoke Party.

DEHDK PR and Press Office