Come on in, so you can go out!

2016. October 04. - 15:19 The international opportunities expo was enriched by 22 organisations which accept professional and foreign grants, as well as by representatives of the university and the Tempus Foundation.

It was held on Tuesday in the main building of the university, for the 18th time, organised by the University of Debrecen International Office, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Student Union, the Erasmus Student Network, and the International Job Fair.

Interested visitors were shown a short film entitled “Experiences without frontiers", and listened to detailed reports and much useful information about short courses abroad, study trips, work experience, job opportunities and volunteer and mobility programmes.

- The University of Debrecen is currently Hungary’s largest university. We try to do everything we can to attract foreign students here. It is at least as important to us that our students can travel abroad, they can stay at academic institutions or do their work placements abroad. Statistical data show that students who spend shorter or longer periods of time at foreign institutions before receiving their degrees, later find better jobs, and can better orient themselves in the labor market – said Elek Bartha, vice-rector for Educational Affairs at the opening ceremony of the event.

Orsolya Jánosy, head of the International Office, added that Hungary subscribed to the Louvain objectives, which laid down that students should spend a minimum of 20% of their time in some form of mobility before their graduation, which corresponds to 2 months of work experience and a 3 month short course. This is why the main purpose of the event is to popularise and assist opportunities for mobility.

In addition to the Erasmus +, Campus Mundi, CEEPUS, and Tempus Public Foundation, scholarships, the Fulbright stalls offered plentiful information for visitors, while del Rey International, AIESEC and Debrecen Medical Students' Association offered detailed information about the popular work placements. AEGEE, CCUSA, Camp Leaders, and Smaller Earth exhibitors were ready to inform visitors about the increasingly popular summer universities and work programmes. The key to mobility is language, so the exam centers, including Alliance Francaise, DExam and Origó were once again indispensable participants at the fair.

The organizers hoped to find an answer to the question "to go or not to go". Those who feel motivated to see the world in the spring semester can submit their applications for the Erasmus +, or the Campus Mundi scholarships by October 20.

DEHDK PR and Press Office