yoUDay, the day that joins us

2016. September 29. - 12:18 A nationally unprecedented stadium show has demonstrated the strength of togetherness among the University of Debrecen community.

The first ever yoUDay was a spectacular success: part of the ‘University Day’ programme, the two-hour event ended with fireworks and a unique light and laser show - immediately after the Magdi Rúzsa concert and the university flashmob – with four hundred light balloons decorating the Great Forest Stadium, described by the MP Lajos Kósa as "the university's gymnasium."

- Who we are, where we’re going and what we do as members of the community, is what this day is all about – said István Ádám Bognar, president of the Student Union in his opening statement to the crowd. The former head of the student union, Péter Körösparti, stressed that the city of Debrecen and the university are famous for cherishing traditions, but the yoUDay shows that they are also able to create new ones.

On 28 September the stands were filled not only with university students, faculty and staff, but with many people who share the spirit of the institution, and visitors not directly linked to it. The Rector, Zoltán Szilvássy, in his opening speech stressed that the city of Debrecen and the city’s higher education institutions have co-existed for five hundred years. László Papp, the city’s Mayor, also emphasised that anyone who chooses to study at Debrecen is making the best decision, since the University is the country's leading institution.

The yoUDay concert featured Csaba Vastag, Vera Tóth, Magdi Rúzsa, Charlie, and Kowalsky meg a Vega, as well as dance programmes presented by Hungarian and foreign students, but hundreds of the university’s sportspeople took part, as well. - Shared experience helps a lot in sports, and the university sports club - the DEAC - has developed a lot over the past five years - said Zoltán Bács, Chancellor.

At yoUDay - an event intended to become a traditional feature - the public could also join in the activity: the crowd created the DE, UD and DEAC mosaic acronyms, and for Charlie’s hit, Look to the Sky, created an enchanting starry sky with their mobile phones from the stands.

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