10 Feb
GE Reports has recently published an account of the European application of a special methodology developed by the world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology and called Catalyst, as well as of the role of the University of Debrecen and GE Healthcare in the relevant program.
05 Feb
The Institute of German Studies of the UD, together with ITSH and Debrecen’s German Cultural Forum, jointly hosted the finals of a German-language competition for high-school students on Wednesday, February 5, as part of the campaign called Deutsch.Karriere.Erfolg.
05 Feb
After the Hungarian, the English version of the unique healthcare application of the UD has also become available for downloading. Via the UD Mediversity app, foreign patients can now use the telephone directory, as well as search for specialised outpatient clinics and physicians.
30 Jan
Letter from the University of Debrecen to foreign students on coronavirus.
28 Jan
Similarly to previous significant epidemics, the institution places the emphasis on prevention again. Continuous contact is maintained with students from the affected countries. The necessary measures have also been taken in the healthcare institutions of the University of Debrecen.
24 Jan
The experts of the University of Debrecen (UD) dealing with sports sciences will await visitors with the assessment of their locomotor systems, presentations on exercise physiology, and preventive kinematic sessions at the next FőnixFitt.
24 Jan
Learn economics in Debrecen from the best lecturers in Hungary! The Faculty of Economics and Business (GTK) of the University of Debrecen awaits you, now in Szolnok as well, with new degree programmes, competitive degrees and unforgettable university years.
24 Jan
In addition to transferring professional knowledge and skills, the Faculty of Science and Technology (TTK) of the UD also prepares students for the global challenges of the 21st century. The market demand for young professionals with a degree in engineering or science is continually increasing.
22 Jan
The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen offers applicants regularly updated educational programmes, 8 bachelor and 8 master courses, and several advanced vocational programmes.
21 Jan
The Goethe Institute is willing to strengthen its relationship with the UD, which has been successful for years – said Evelin Hust, head of the institute during her introductory visit on Monday. The recently appointed director was greeted by Vice Rector Elek Bartha and Dean Róbert Keményfi.