30 Nov
Zsuzsa Bagoly, senior lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine at UD is among the L'Oréal-Unesco award winners this year. She has been recognised for her research work aimed at making the treatment of stroke patients more efficient.
13 Nov
The University of Debrecen has improved its position in yet another Medical Sciences subject ranking. Compared to its last year's performance, UD has gained 50 places to become one of the top 300 universities offering degree programmes in medical sciences in the Round University Thematic Rankings.
03 Nov
The Faculty of Dentistry of UD has two 3D printers now. This state-of-the-art technology can be used for making dental impressions, implant templates and "scaffolding".
02 Nov
The 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Hungary and Vietnam was commemorated by a conference held at the University of Debrecen, on 31 October. Nguyen Tien Thuc, Vietnamese ambassador to Hungary, also attended the event.
29 Oct
Compared to last year, the University of Debrecen has gained 100 places in the category of medical and health sciences of the Times Higher Education Ranking. UD has also finished among the best 500 in the subject of Social Sciences, while it has been ranked in the 501-600 range in Life Sciences.
28 Oct
House, M.D., Elliot Reid, M.D., Cristina Yang, M.D., Dr. Bones, and Dr. Strange, the latter well-known from the Marvel universe - the personal belongings of these imaginary patrons and movie characters make the five new study rooms of the Life Sciences Library (LSL) unique.
16 Oct
The UD has concluded an agreement with Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia’s leading technical university – with a view to the pandemic situation, in the framework of an online meeting. The education and research cooperation will also encompass the areas of research and development.
25 Sep
The University of Debrecen has launched a mental support service for its foreign students, based at the School of Public Health of the Faculty of Public Health. The faculty works together with the Mental Health Centre, which will be responsible for the coordination of the services provided.
23 Sep
The University and National Library of UD awaits visitors with an upgraded environment and technical background, although with certain restrictions due to the pandemic.
22 Sep
Zoltán Barta, university teacher of the Faculty of Technology and Science at UD has become member of the Academia Europaea (AE). With the renowned behavioural ecologist, UD now has eight members in the organisation.