27 Apr
All around the world, 650 million people are obese, while 817 million are starving. Contrary to popular belief in Hungary, wasting food is not an issue that only affects rich countries. Hungarian people throw out lots of food, too.
22 Apr
With its 44th position in the Good Health and Wellbeing category the University of Debrecen has ranked the best Hungarian university, also ranking among the best among the world’s universities in three other categories on the most recent list of Times Higher Education (THE).
21 Apr
yoUDay has made it to the program of the Stay Home! Festival. A shortened summary of last year’s stadium show in front of capacity crowds to kick off the new academic year of the University of Debrecen was viewed by over ten thousand people on the largest social media interface.
17 Apr
Before the appearance of the corona virus the only exercise that the majority of office workers got was getting to work and back home. Many of those who work from home now get even less exercise. It is mainly these people that the Sports Medicine Clinic of the UD is trying to help.
07 Apr
The personality of students determines how they are able to stand up to the heat in an emergency situation like the one that we are experiencing these days. At the Faculty of Health, students learn techniques that allow them to respond quickly and properly in any situation.
14 Apr
Many hope that the spring with its warmer weather will provide a solution to the corona epidemic. We asked the head of the Department of Meteorology of the Faculty of Science and Technology at UD about the effects of the weather on the spread of the virus.
15 Apr
How does the cuckoo choose foster parents, that is, host birds, for her nestlings? This was the basic question of a research project carried out by behavioural ecologists of the UD. Their surprising results have been published in Scientific Report, which belongs to the Nature group of journals.
07 Apr
The coronavirus pandemic has created an unusual, new life situation for many. Telecommuting, e-learning and time spent together at home have all received new meaning. The head of the Department of Clinical and Personality Psychology at the University of Debrecen shared some useful advice.
06 Apr
The UD continues to be one of the most popular higher education institutions of Hungary. In comparison with last year’s admissions, there was a more than 10 percent increase in the number of applicants indicating the university as their first choice.
03 Apr
Medical professionals at the University of Debrecen are practising the treatment of coronavirus patients in a simulation room. Within the framework of a thematic training programme, they are familiarizing themselves with the protocols focusing in the coronavirus pandemic.