The number of foreign students at the University of Debrecen continues to grow. In September, more than two thousand students will begin their studies on the university’s English language courses. In the academic year 2022/23, it is expected that more than 7,200 people, more than a fifth of the foreign students studying in Hungary, will be studying at the University of Debrecen.

Saturday evening, the newly formed Zoltán Kodály World Youth Orchestra, conducted by Tamás Vásáry, gave a very successful concert at Kölcsey Center as the closing act of the 21st Young Musicians’ Summer Academy. About 200 young people from nineteen countries participated in this year’s event of the Faculty of Music.

This year’s Campus Festival set a new record: more than 116,000 people attended one of Hungary’s largest summer cultural events, the organisers announced on Monday. There was also much interest in the festival’s university-related programs. Tens of thousands of people visited the booths and the stage of the University of Debrecen during the four days of the festival.

As a result of the general admission procedure, a total of 6,502 first-year students can start their studies from September in the Hungarian-language programmes of the University of Debrecen. The number of students admitted in 2022, including additional admissions, students from abroad, as well as those admitted to the English-language courses, is expected to reach 10,000 by September.

After a gap of two years due to the pandemic, the Summer School at the University of Debrecen has organised its traditional Hungarian-language in-person courses with 108 participants coming from 35 countries. In addition to language classes, students participate in language improvement, conversation, sports and cultural programs between 18 July and 12 August.

The athletes of the University of Debrecen are already in Poland, at the venue of the European University Games. In the following days, UD's futsal players, water polo players, tennis players and jugglers will compete in Lódz.

Mr. Hamane Niang, president of the International Basketball Association, visited the University of Debrecen on Thursday. The sports diplomat praised the sports life of the university and the coordinated system of medicine, sports and research.

The eight pilots – from Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Hungary, Mongolia, Turkey and Ukraine - who were the first in the history of the University of Debrecen and the faculty to graduate after completing the "Professional pilot" training, received their diplomas at the ceremony of the Technical Faculty of the University of Debrecen.

About two hundred talented young musicians from nineteen countries have come to the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen to participate in the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians. After the master classes, the Zoltán Kodály Youth World Orchestra will be re-established, conducted by Tamás Vásáry this time round, too.

The University and National Library of the University of Debrecen (DEENK) is staging an international online project between 11 and 15 July, as the Hungarian contributor in addition to Holland, Spain, and Germany with a focus on the development of digital skills necessary for data management.

The Ministry of Technology and Industry is strengthening its cooperation with the University of Debrecen in areas of strategic importance for the country. The focus of the long-term agreement signed on Thursday is the health industry, the vehicle and energy industries.

Three famous Hungarian professors of mathematics will be welcomed this week at a five-day mathematics conference at the University of Debrecen. The 120 mathematicians from almost all parts of the world gathered in honor of Kálmán Győry of Debrecen, among others.

More than 36 million HUF was raised during the charity fundraising event linked to the Concert for Peace organized by the board of trustees of the István Tisza University of Debrecen Foundation, supported by the University of Debrecen, to help Ukrainian refuges. The donations are at the disposal of five aid organizations to spend to provide for a support people who are in a difficult situation due to the war.

The biggest summer music event in East Hungary will return to full capacity this year, and the organizers are again hoping for hundreds of thousands of visitors. The University of Debrecen will present itself at this year's Campus Festival in a larger area than before, at a new location, with a focus on internationalization.