DEENK: New Opening Hours and Platform

2018. december 11. - 16:58 The Life Sciences Library will be open for students until midnight in the exam period. In addition to the longer opening hours, the University and National Library of UD (DEENK) has also introduced a new service for the online uploading of journals.

The new service is provided through a platform that offers tools for faculties, departments and research groups to publish and manage their journals online.

The service is based on a system developed for the online publication and management of scientific journals. The Open Journal System (OJS) provides free access to over ten thousand journals around the world. The number of universities and publishing houses using OJS is continuously growing.

The platform offers all the benefits of online publishing, including rapid publishing, the opportunity to edit articles after publishing, easy distribution and transparency. It also supports the entire editing process from the submitting of manuscripts to the publication of a final issue. The system saves a great deal of administrative work for the editorial staff by allowing them to manage and monitor all processes through a single platform. Articles can even be published and made available for the science community before the appearance of a complete issue.

The OJS-based environment is compatible with a number of systems: it can be linked to the Directory of Open Access Journals, plagiarism detection software (Crossref; iThanticate), statistical services (Google Analytics), as well as other archives and social media sites. A website with an individual URL address is assigned to the publications, where current and archived articles can be opened in HTML and PDF format, shared in social media, or linked to various reference management applications.

The homepage of the platform displays a short list of the journals available through the platform ( [3]). The websites of the journals are based on the same structure. Journals can be opened by clicking on their URL address or the View Journal button. After opening the website, users can find displayed the list of the articles published in the latest issue. The second menu item is Archives, followed by Search.

On the website of the library a separate menu item allows access to the journals regularly published at UD ( [4]).

Out of the more than 40 journals available here two (International Journal of Horticultural Science, STADIUM-Hungarian Journal of Sport Sciences) are already available on the publication platform of UD.

Besides the introduction of its new service, the DEENK has also changed the opening hours for the exam period. From 3 December readers can visit the Life Sciences Library until midnight. This year, for the first time, the library is open until midnight on Saturdays as well. On Sundays it is available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The new opening hours will be in effect until 1 February.

Another piece of news regarding the library is that a Soul-Lifting Santa Concert will be held again. It will take place at the aula at 17:00 on 4 December, and will include a concert performed by students of the Faculty of Music and an introduction of instruments for children.

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