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American Football Section in DEAC

2018. December 11. - 16:24 The number of sections in DEAC has grown to 19, as from the next season on football players will also compete wearing jerseys with the colours of the club. Players can register themselves for the team at the Dóczy street University Sports Centre.

Debrecen Gladiators The first American football team in the town, was established in 2004. It was one of the most successful teams in the eastern part of Hungary at the time. In the first 3 years the team consistently played for the champion title, but closed each season with a silver medal. Somewhat later another team was established under the name "Debreceni Huszárok".

Football has been highly popular among university students for years, said Marianna Lóczi Lászlóné Kovács, managing director of DEAC.

– Many foreign students asked about the opportunities to play American football in Debrecen. Considering the long tradition of football in Debrecen and the high number of interested youngsters, we established the section, said the managing director, adding that the already existing clubs and their players have also joined the new football section of DEAC, which means that right now the whole American football world in Debrecen is concentrated in the university club.

The football section of DEAC currently has about 100 players in the adult and junior age groups. In the next championship these two teams will certainly represent DEAC. Out of them 20 players are students of UD, two of them are from Nigeria. Another 20 players are planning to start their studies at the University of Debrecen. This means that in the following years almost half of the squad will come from UD. The head of section is László Stündl.

Visit of the Ambassador of Canada at UD

2018. November 06. - 16:05 The ambassador of Canada gave a lecture at the University of Debrecen. Isabelle Poupart also visited a training of the DEAC ice hokey team, where she met two Canadian players who taught her a few tricks.

Before meetings with politicians and discussions about the trade relationships between Hungary and Canada, Isabelle Poupart started Wednesday at the ice hokey arena in Debrecen. The Canadian diplomat was received by Lászlóné Lóczi, managing director of DEAC and András Fodor, head of department.

Before practice, the ambassador exchanged a few words with the two Canadian players, Bronson Kovács and Hugo Turcotte, and then took a few shots at the goal.

- I like to meet and talk to my compatriots, which is why I visited the ice hockey team. Canadians like sports, especially winter sports. I myself skate and ski, and today I have learned about the basics of ice hockey – said Isabelle Poupart.

Following the sports programme, the ambassador gave a lecture entitled "Canadian Dream" at UD at the invitation of the Faculty of Humanities. Among other things, Isabelle Poupart talked to students and lecturers about the values Canada represents and the challenges her country is facing, including the way they treat aboriginals.

Owing to the embassy, students could enjoy an exhibition in the corridor of the Institute of English and American Studies entitled "Hungarian Exodus: Hungarians in Canada following '56". The ambassador pointed out that after the revolution in 1956, Canada received 37,000 Hungarian refugees. Today over 340,000 Hungarians live in the country. Their community has been fully integrated in Canadian society.

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UniPass – more than a card

2018. October 04. - 16:57 DEAC és UniFit-pass, library card or dormitory key, means of payment and a card granting you discounts all in one – the UniPass card, available to the citizens of the University of Debrecen free of charge, now has even more functions.

The university cards have been produced on a large scale since early September. Similarly to the past 3 years, once again more than 4000 freshers received their UniPass cards as they registered for their first year. Instead of the usual biweekly production cycle, due to the start of the new academic year, hundreds of new cards are being printed weekly at the Card Management Centre of the University of Debrecen. UniPass has an unbroken popularity, especially as several new functions were added also in the past few months which make the lives of students and others affiliated with the university easier both on and off campus.

“It can be used as a library card, as a key to enter a number of classrooms and buildings, including several dormitories, as well as an access card at the gates when parking with motor vehicles on the campuses. The Lifestyle Development Club membership fee was introduced in the last academic year. Starting from this academic year, a new service was added to the offering: in addition to a pass to the UniFit gym, those with a membership can also purchase a pass for the games of DEAC with significant discounts. Since the university card stores these passes electronically, it can also be used as entry access cards in both cases,” said Andrea Fülöp head of the centre.

The payment system was launched in the spring of this year. With this service, now the university card can also be used as a means of payment at the cafeterias, snack bars, clubs on campus, and also at the festivals affiliated with the university, as the Water Tower and at Campus Festival. Cardholders can top up their cards in advance, prior to making a purchase, through their profiles on the website or via the UniPass App, using a bank card, or at the designated card top-up points, using cash or a bank card. The university card can be used for gaining access to events. It was first used for this purpose in the “Employee Derby” in June, where it made the entry of thousands a participants a smooth process.

The UniPass card allows its holder free entry to the Botanical Garden of the University of Debrecen, and it also entitles them to a discount at an increasing number of places. Some of the most popular among these are the discounts offered by Libri bookstores, the DIY store Praktiker, Főnix Events Organiser, as well as stores in FÓRUM shopping centre, but the employee discounts offered by Aquaticum Debrecen SPA are also increasingly popular.

The UniPass cards can be ordered year-round by all university citizens – active employees and students alike. The card is free of charge when initially issued, and can be used for a period of five years. The process of ordering is very quick and simple: it requires logging in at the website with into the Profile, using the network ID and password, uploading a passport-type photograph and choosing from 21 different backgrounds. The registration process is also supported by an e-learning material available in Hungarian and English.

”A new feature since this summer is that we now laminate all cards in order to make them more durable. On order to make the convenient services, cardholders must activate their UniPass cards using the CVV code on the back side of their cards. More than four thousand cards will expire this year. 60 days before the expiry date, cardholders receive an e-mail message about the possibility of requesting a new card and the procedure they need to follow. All necessary information is available on our website and our Facebook page, but inquiries can also be directed to our customer service,” said Andrea Fülöp, head of UniPass Card Management Centre.

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Table tennis centre opened

2018. July 02. - 16:32 The DEAC-DAK University Table Tennis Centre was opened at the Nagyerdei Stadium on Sunday. In the 700-square-metre facility, licensed and amateur players, including university students may use as many as 15 tables from now on.

The training centre was established on the southern side of the stadium complex from a budget of approximately 120 million Hungarian forints. At the opening ceremony, Zoltán Bács, chancellor of the university, said that the investment also received financial support from the Hungarian government. The facility was established from 40 million Hungarian forints of state subsidy and 80 million Hungarian forints provided by the University of Debrecen, on an area of the stadium that was not originally conceived from this purpose.

- Az egyetem itt is bizonyította a sporthoz való pozitív hozzáállását, a várossal való együttműködését és a konstruktív gondolkodását, amely egy újabb sportág debreceni fejlődéséhez fog hozzájárulni – hangsúlyozta Bács Zoltán, aki köszöntőjében beszélt a létesítmény komplexitásáról is. - A Nagyerdei Stadion a sport és a szabadidő szentélye, és azt hiszem, működése példaértékű Magyarországon. Önmagában is azt mutatja, hogy érdemes volt ide stadiont építeni, és érdemes volt ilyen átgondoltan egyéb szolgáltatásokkal megtölteni – fogalmazott a kancellár, aki egyben reményét fejezte ki, hogy a DEAC-DAK összefogásból kialakuló asztalitenisz-szakosztály is hazánk egyik legnagyobb sportági szakosztályává válhat.

Az avatóünnepségen részt vett az Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériumának sportért felelős helyettes államtitkára, Sárfalvi Péter is, aki szerint párját ritkítja az egyetemi asztalitenisz központ.

  - Sok városban jártam már, és sehol nem tapasztaltam ilyen és ehhez hasonló sportos összefogást. Nagyon gratulálok a Debreceni Asztalitenisz Klubnak, remélem, hogy ebben a teremben sok tehetséget fognak felfedezni az elkövetkezendő években – bizakodott a helyettes államtitkár.

 Barcsa Lajos alpolgármester köszöntőjében kiemelte: amennyiben az a cél, hogy egy adott sportág tovább fejlődjön, ahhoz megfelelő infrastruktúrát, edzőközpontot kell annak kialakítani. Szerinte erre jó példa a vívók vagy az ökölvívók edzőterme, illetve most már a pingpongozók központja is.

“It will be first-class conditions awaiting both the local citizens and those arriving from elsewhere and wishing to play table tennis, and I hope that there will be a large number of visitors to the stadium. On its own part, the city has done everything within its capabilities to support table tennis, as this year, the municipality contributed 3 million Hungarian forints to the operation of the club”, the vice mayor added. Also giving speeches at the opening ceremony were László Fehér, the vice president of the Hungarian Table Tennis Federation, as well as Tamás Horovitz, president of the Debrecen Table Tennis Club.

After the dedication of the modern, 700-square-metre facility, the participants were shown a 3D-presentation of the training centre, and after the formal opening ceremony, anyone could grab a bat to show his or her skills – even against the pros, since also participating at the event were the licensed players of DEAC-DAK, who finished in second place in Division II of the national championship, and their aim is to continue in the first division in the next season. This was one of the topics that Márk Pink, the head of the table tennis section talked about after the opening ceremony.

“The sight itself, as well as the awareness of the fact that younger and older generations can gain familiarity with the sport of table tennis in a permanent, dedicated location is itself captivating. This opens up great opportunities for us to achieve even better results in competitive sports”, said the trainer, who recently moved back to Hungary from abroad because of the new challenges in Debrecen. The table tennis section of DEAC-DAK currently has 50 licensed athletes, but the plans call for increasing this number to over 200. Across the city, a total of more than 500 people play table tennis affiliated with one of the several clubs.

In addition to licensed players and university students, the table tennis facility will be also open to the sport-loving loving citizens of Debrecen. The DEAC-DAK University Table Tennis Centre in the stadium is accessible via UniFit Fitness & Gym Center or the Red & White Club.