21 Feb
The University of Debrecen has signed a cooperation framework agreement with Ganz Engineering és Energetikai Gépgyártó Kft [Ganz Engineering and Energy Production Machinery LLC]. The company proposed to hand over to the university unique estate of Láng Gépgyár [Láng Machine Factory].
20 Feb
The University of Debrecen has held an orientation week for the exchange students coming to Debrecen for the spring semester. The objective of this arrangement is to show the new arrivals what it is like to be a student in Debrecen.
15 Feb
The biotechnology program currently running at the University of Debrecen will generate genetically top-quality sheep. There will be animals of state-of-the-art genetic composition bred here, a result that simply would not be possible through the natural breeding process of domestic stock.
14 Feb
Medicor Kéziműszer Zrt. [Medicor Hand Instrument Ltd.] regularly offers free state-of-the-art medical instruments to aid the program of first-year students of medicine and dentistry at the University of Debrecen. This year, the students received as many as 646 practicing sets of hand instruments.
13 Feb
Expanding the cooperation in the fields of academic and research activities was also among the topics discussed at a meeting between the representatives of National Medical University of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, and the University of Debrecen.
10 Feb
The current visiting professor from India at the Department of Ayurveda in Debrecen is to offer an introductory course on the primary reasons for diseases, traditional phytotherapy, and a generally more holistic approach to healing.
07 Feb
A delegation from the Nigerian Ministry of Education have visited our university to meet Nigerian students who spend some time in Debrecen with support from the scholarship Stipendium Hungaricum, and the members of the delegation also had an appointment on Tuesday with Vice Rector Elek Bartha.
03 Feb
In addition to coming in to fifth place in a prestigious group of contestants, Nagyerdei Water Tower also won the special prize of the Hungarian Tourism Agency in the Highlights of Hungary competition. The tower was renovatedby the University of Debrecen a year and a half ago.
02 Feb
During his recent visit to Hungary, Sierd Cloetingh, the president of Academia Europaea, who had also been elected an honorary member of the Hungary Academy of Sciences (MTA), discussed possible relationships to be established with the University of Debrecen.
01 Feb
In addition to Hungarian as a foreign language, which has been taught at Debrecen Summer School for decades, courses are offered this year in 11 other languages, including several rarely taught, exotic ones.