01 Jun
In addition to its traditional responsibilities, the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen regards modernization and the establishment of even broader accessibility through expanding online spaces to be the most important of its future objectives.
31 May
The University of Debrecen has become a prime site of one of the world’s largest companies engaged in coordinating clinical trials on drug development. With the four-year contract signed on Tuesday, the institute has become of the most important clinical study sites of QuintilesIMS.
31 May
The team of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen performed excellently at the competition called Shell Eco-marathon Europe and, by moving a couple of places forward in comparison to its position last year, finished 29th in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
29 May
The discovery of researchers at the University of Debrecen, published in several prestigious scientific journals, may potentially help patients with diabetes. The scientists found new materials that improve beta-cell function, thus opening up new prospects in treating diabetes.
24 May
A selection of traditional Hungarian dishes on the menu, the presentation of certificates, and a parade of the flags were just some of the things at the farewell party of exchange students in the spring semester, held in the Ceremonial Hall.
18 May
Hunor, as the electric car developed at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen was named, is ready to compete in the Shell Eco-marathon energy efficiency challenge, in the prototype category.
11 May
„Europe and Hungary in the age of Saint Ladislaus” is the title of the two-day conference organised by the University of Debrecen. The institute joins the year-long program series with a professional discussion.
11 May
Colourful bustle, mobility opportunities and charity programs awaited the students of the University of Debrecen and secondary school students at this year’s International Event at the Great Forest Water tower.
10 May
The leaders of the University of Debrecen and the Chinese Jilin Normal University have signed a cooperation agreement which covers various fields including teacher training and engineer training.
08 May
The square in front of the Lajos Kossuth Dormitory of the University of Debrecen was filled with tastes, scents, traditional costumes, music and flags on the International Food Day on Friday. The gastronomy contest of nations was won by Israel this year.