28 Feb
According to the rank list published today by the QS World University Rankings, the University of Debrecen belongs to the international elite in three educational fields.
22 Feb
A book show and several lectures were held on the topics of ancient history, classical philology, and archeology at the Institute of History of the University of Debrecen. The event was arranged in the framework of the cooperation between our university and Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj.
21 Feb
Flavors of homemade delicacies and dance-house music was on the agenda at the welcoming party hosted by the University of Debrecen for the 130 international students in this semester. This year, the largest number amongst them came from Turkey, Poland, Germany, and Portugal.
20 Feb
A “Mobility Breakfast” was offered on Tuesday to students curious about mobility opportunities in the Main Building of the University of Debrecen. Erasmus+ and Campus Mundi scholarships now can be used for the purposes of getting virtually anywhere in the world during the university program.
15 Feb
A delegation led by Ms. Pumla Nene, First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa, learned about the programs offered at the University of Debrecen and scholarship opportunities available, in addition to meeting international students enrolled at UD from South Africa on Thursday.
12 Feb
The team called “Brainstorm” from Debrecen’s Ady Endre Gimnázium won the national debating competition, the finals of which were held on Friday by the Institute of English and American Studies of the University of Debrecen.
07 Feb
State-of-the-art quality medical hand instruments, offered by Medicor Kéziműszer Zrt. for free, provide substantial help in the practical programs of first-year students of the University of Debrecen in medicine and dentistry. This year, the students received as many as 764 practicing sets.
07 Feb
Researchers of the University of Debrecen have published an article on their research findings in Journal of Ecology. The focus of their investigation had been the ways migratory water birds can be instrumental in dispersing grains of the plants they consume.
22 Jan
Representatives of the University of Debrecen and the German thyssenkrupp Components Technology Group, who are to establish a new plant in Debrecen, signed an agreement on cooperation in education and research on Monday.
13 Dec
The molecular causes of the onset of Alzheimer's and Huntington diseases is the research topic of this year’s winner of the “Debrecen Award for Molecular Medicine,” Franz-Ulrich Hartl. The memorial plaque was presented to Professor Hartl at the University of Debrecen on 13 December.