03 Jul
The National Basketball Team of Hungary for the 29th Universiade is going to be preparing for the Taipei event under the guidance and supervision of the head coach of DEAC and supported by players from the Debrecen team. The head of the delegation, László Balogh, is also going to be from the UD.
30 Jun
Members of the top management of our university presented a mini-concert at SONS festival. At the opening of the educational festival called Science on Stage, university professors representing UD demonstrated transformations in the human brain prompted by the perception of rhythm.
30 Jun
Zoltán Szilvássy was officially appointed rector anew by President of the Republic János Áder at an event held in Budapest’s Sándor-palota. The present and future rector of the University of Debrecen is going to continue to be the head of our institution for a period of five more years.
23 Jun
After three decades, the canteen on the Egyetem tér campus will be remodeled again. Apart from the installment of a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen technology, the restaurant section will be extended and modernized, while the catering capacity will also be doubled.
20 Jun
The University of Debrecen has signed a cooperation agreement in the form of an MOU on researching and developing various fields in genetics with the largest genomics corporation in the world, Beijing Genomics Institute of China.
20 Jun
At the 5th AGRIMBA-AVA Congress, opened last Tuesday, the University of Debrecen and the Mongolian University of Life Sciences signed an agreement on the launching of a double-degree programme.
20 Jun
The University of Debrecen has signed a memorandum of understanding concerning an intent of cooperation with the Rosatom International Network, announces In the future, the university may act as a partner institution of the network in the fields of training and research.
19 Jun
Legal “money laundering”, the making of book selfies, and Italian flavours: these are just a few of the things awaiting this year’s visitors to the event venue of the University of Debrecen at Campus Festival. “Egyetem tér” will be open from “Day 0” this year, at the usual place, near the entrance.
16 Jun
A delegation of education experts, taking a one-week tour of Hungary on behalf of universities in the United States, has also learned about the English-language programs offered at the University of Debrecen. Their aim is to strengthen bilateral relations within the Fulbright Program.
15 Jun
Tickets for the 2017 stadium-show of the University of Debrecen are available now at a 90% discount for students and employees of the university. In addition, the first 100 non-university affiliated registrants can also access admission for the low price of HUF 1538.