24 Aug
The University of Debrecen is to award the honorary degree Civis Honoris Causa to Russian Federation President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, based upon a resolution passed by the Senate of the institution on August 18, 2017.
28 Jul
In Hungary, treating pulmonary artery stenosis by using balloon angioplasty was carried out for the first time ever at the University of Debrecen. On Saturday, an international team of physicians used this method in the Clinical Center on two patients in order to decrease hypertension in their pulmo
28 Jul
Young Musicians’ Summer Academy 2017 ended with a concert given by Kodály Zoltán World Youth Orchestra at the University of Debrecen on Sunday. The next point on their agenda is an international concert tour with appearances in Bratislava, Galanta, Budapest and Eisenstadt.
28 Jul
Twenty participants, including language teachers, translators, interpreters, and literary translators have come to the University of Debrecen to exchange views on their special fields of expertise. The objective of the two-day Magyar-Lengyel Nyelvi Fórum [Hungarian-Polish Language Forum] is to help
28 Jul
More flexible, tense, and healthy tissues: this is what women during the course of menopause or after giving birth can hope to experience through the application of the intravaginal laser treatment MonaLisa Touch. This new and painless treatment is available for trial for the first time in Hungary a
28 Jul
Three professors from the University of Debrecen have managed to attain the time standards required for qualification to enter the 17th FINA World Masters Championships. They are now registered to compete in several events between August 15th and 20th.
17 Jul
There are going to be more than two hundred participants learning about the Hungarian language, history, and culture during the next couple of weeks at the University of Debrecen, where the 90th Summer School was officially opened and even a memorial tree was planted on July 17.
07 Jul
In a fashion similar to what is customary at universities abroad, students in Debrecen can also wear now T-shirts and sweatshirts displaying the coat of arms of our institutions. The items of clothing and memorabilia bear the new emblem of the university.
06 Jul
Almost 200 young artists will be able to learn about the secrets of instrumental music by taking the master courses held by world-famous artist-teachers between July 14 and 23 at Ifjú Zeneművészek Nemzetközi Nyári Akadémiája [Young Musicians’ Summer Academy].
03 Jul
With an area occupying two thousand square meters, comprising as many as 15 stands and venues for 30 stage performances altogether, the University of Debrecen is now prepared to entertain festival-goers at the current Campus Fesztivál. The site called Egyetem Tér [University Square].