25 May
Experts from the University of Modern Sciences in Mostar, Bosnia, who visited our university last Thursday, were mainly interested in opportunities for cooperation in the fields of the health industry, Ayurveda, nutrition science, as well as tousism and catering.
24 May
Polish, Ukranian, and Hungarian students explored Hungarian water management issues within an international project at the Faculty of Agricultural, Food Science and Environmental Management of the University of Debrecen.
23 May
Adapting to the needs of the industry, the MSc training of the University of Debrecen in hydrobiology is available in dual form as of this year. The English language training that was launched last year is also popular.
23 May
Medical students at the University of Debrecen are learning about jet-lag, travel-induced stress, holiday traumas and preparation of patients with chronic diseases on a travel medicine course considered to be unique in Europe.
18 May
Teachers and workers of the Debrecen Summer School (Nyári Egyetem) undergo regular training. Some have recently gained some experience abroad, which they can later use in their work.
15 May
Israel declared statehood seventy years ago, on May 14, 1948. On the occasion of this anniversary the Faculty of Arts of the University of Debrecen organised an academic conference in the Kölcsey Culture Centre last Tuesday.
10 May
Researchers from the Institute of Physics of the University of Debrecen were working on improving the precision and efficiency of medical accelerators at athe medical technology hackathon in Geneva.
02 May
As a resurrection of an almost hundred-year-old tradition, the Department of Italian Studies of the University of Debrecen re-establishes the Monti Circle of Friends of Italy in order to strengthen the presence of Italian culture in Debrecen and to facilitate education and scientific work.
02 May
Until now, only cardio training has been recommended to older people. However, according to new research of the University of Debrecen, weight training, if done correctly, can also bring huge benefits over 60 years of age. Sport plays important part in the prevention of various age-related diseases.
02 May
Falafel, zorbian, matcha muffins, and bao zi are just a bare sample of the specialties presented by contestants from as many as twenty different countries at the International Food Day held this past Friday. For the first time in its history, the gastronomical competition was won by Team Israeal.