21 Nov
Vice-Rector Elek Bartha has signed an agreement in the city of Hamburg about the University of Debrecen becoming a full member of the consortium called CARPE. The objective of this cooperation is to facilitate the joint participation and collaboration of partners in projects supported by the EU.
20 Nov
Student mobility, an important element of the process of internationalizing higher education, was the central theme of a conference held at the University of Debrecen. An important announcement was also made at this event concerning the government plan of refunding the cost of second language exam.
20 Nov
Michael Barda, Béla Bartalos, László Hoffmann, and Tímea Sugár are all world-class representatives of their expertise, who participated in the 2nd International Handball Goalkeeper Coaching Conference at the University of Debrecen.
08 Nov
Times Higher Education, which released its latest thematic rankings on November 8th, ranked the medical program offered at the University of Debrecen among the best programs available in the world. The programs in medicine and health sciences are ranked in the top 401-500 category.
08 Nov
Traditions of a millennial connection between “relatives” were evoked by the three-day conference that commenced with an “open day” and an exhibition of books on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the declaration of the independence of Finland, hosted by the University of Debrecen.
06 Nov
An early detection of dementia is possible through administering a brief cognitive test that takes only a couple of minutes to complete and is available as of now at the UD, too. Such a sensitive and quick method for screening signs of mental deterioration has never been used before in Hungary.
03 Nov
An agreement on cooperating with one of the most prestigious universities in China has been signed at the UD. The members of the delegation from Asia discussed issues of student and staff mobility as well as the preparation of joint research projects at the meeting that took place at UD on November.
31 Oct
Language courses, a film club, friendly meetings, discussions on methodology, and book launch parties are just a few examples of the numerous events hosted by the University of Debrecen in the recently inaugurated Russian Center.
25 Oct
The Hungarian mechatronics team, in which one of the members was Kristóf Sipos, a student of the University of Debrecen, was awarded a medallion of excellence at the WorldSkills contest held in Abu Dhabi.
20 Oct
3D-printed titanium bone grafts of unique design are to be developed at the University of Debrecen. These innovative implants are not fixed to the bones with the help of screws any more, as they can completely combine and grow together with the human bones.