10 Oct
Forty of the almost one hundred STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) candidates from Hungary and across the border have qualified in the preliminaries to participate in the international competition and festival called Science on Stage 2017, also to be hosted by the city of Debrecen.
04 Oct
The international opportunities expo was enriched by 22 organisations which accept professional and foreign grants, as well as by representatives of the university and the Tempus Foundation.
03 Oct
The Researchers' Night programs at the University of Debrecen had already started in the early afternoon with volleys of drones and a wind tunnel demonstration. It was the tenth time the institution had hosted the event, which is designed to spread scientific knowledge and popularise science.
03 Oct
The fall semester began with informative lectures and programmes on mobility opportunities at the University of Debrecen.
29 Sep
A nationally unprecedented stadium show has demonstrated the strength of togetherness among the University of Debrecen community.
28 Sep
In just a few hours, Hungary’s first stadium show will start. Sneak a peak of the dress rehearsal held on Tuesday evening, and we will also show you a tiny detail of tonight’s events. Let’s experience this together, as the Day of the University is your day!
26 Sep
Expanding partnerships: one of the oldest US universities will build closer links with the University of Debrecen.
23 Sep
The Hungarian premiere of “Brown Buffalo,” a play by contemporary Chicano playwright Carlos Morton, is to take place at the University of Debrecen, attended by the author himself.
30 Sep
The University and National Library celebrated its centennial with a conference, a book presentation, an exhibition presenting the history of the library, and a huge, 100-slice birthday cake.
22 Sep
International students at the University of Debrecen have decided to support sick children through donating the full amount of HUF 1.5 million collected at the event called International Food Day.