18 May
Hunor, as the electric car developed at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen was named, is ready to compete in the Shell Eco-marathon energy efficiency challenge, in the prototype category.
11 May
„Europe and Hungary in the age of Saint Ladislaus” is the title of the two-day conference organised by the University of Debrecen. The institute joins the year-long program series with a professional discussion.
11 May
Colourful bustle, mobility opportunities and charity programs awaited the students of the University of Debrecen and secondary school students at this year’s International Event at the Great Forest Water tower.
10 May
The leaders of the University of Debrecen and the Chinese Jilin Normal University have signed a cooperation agreement which covers various fields including teacher training and engineer training.
08 May
The square in front of the Lajos Kossuth Dormitory of the University of Debrecen was filled with tastes, scents, traditional costumes, music and flags on the International Food Day on Friday. The gastronomy contest of nations was won by Israel this year.
04 May
Campus Fesztivál, which has been in close cooperation with the University of Debrecen for the past ten years, has been awarded an international acknowledgment on its tenth “birthday.”
03 May
Attila Miyuji Kaneko is to give a concert at the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen on the last occasion of the series called Conservatory Nights this year, scheduled for Sunday, May 7. The event marks the return of the Japanese-Hungarian pianist to Debrecen after a twenty-year absence.
03 May
Students could learn about rather peculiar kinds of sports at the first International University Sports Day hosted by the University of Debrecen, where they could also match their skills in five-a-side soccer, basketball, and tennis, in addition to some of the national sports practiced overseas.
02 May
Topical legal issues were discussed at the international conference held jointly for the eighth time by Debreceni Egyetem Állam- és Jogtudományi Kar [Faculty of Law of the University of Debrecen] (DE ÁJK) and Kiev University of Law.
02 May
The story of the foundation of Dyntell, its products and services, and even its plans for the future were presented at a session of Magyar Közgazdasági Társaság Debreceni Ifjúsági Bizottsága [Debrecen Youth Committee of Hungarian Economic Society], held at the Faculty of Economics.