02 Aug
DESzínház, the acting company of the University of Debrecen will represent Hungary at the International Amateur Theater Festival to be staged this year in New Brunswick, Canada, between August 27 and September 1.
30 Jul
The highest number of foreign students, one fifth of all foreign students studying in Hungary, continue to choose UD to study at. This coming autumn more than 2000 „freshmen” will start their university studies in Debrecen.
22 Jul
The Debrecen Summer School began its 92nd academic year on Monday. This year 160 students have arrived from 33 countries to attend the courses and acquire Hungarian as a foreign language ad familiarise themselves with our country’s culture and history.
19 Jul
Preparations for the expansion of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Debrecen, the renovation of the Chemistry Building and the construction of the new vehicle laboratory are all included in the Hungarian government’s 13 billion forints’ worth of education package.
18 Jul
The 11th Campus Sports festival has come to an end. Close to a thousand students from four countries competed in the events. The Debrecen students won gold medals in futsal, men’s basketball, and women’s badminton.
16 Jul
The University of Debrecen and the Hungarian Research Institute have embarked on research in the fields of ethnography, history, archeogenetics, and religion history. The cooperation agreement was signed by rector Zoltán Szilvássy and the director general.
12 Jul
Outsourced training will be started by the University of Debrecen at the Partium Christian University in mechanical engineering and rural development engineering at a bachelor’s level and specialised studies further training.
09 Jul
The special fluoresent compounds developed by the researchers of the Department of Applied Chemistry of the faculty of Science and technology, University of Debrecen, can also be used in cancer diagnostics, cell biology, and analytics.
05 Jul
The UD has made it to the list of Europe Teaching Rankings 2019 made by Times Higher Education in terms of teaching excellence for the first time ever, coming out immediately as a finalist among Hungarian universities. The ranking examined 258 institutions of higher education of 18 countries.
03 Jul
Young talents from twenty countries are taking part in the International Summer Academy of Young Musicians. This year, the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen stages its summer programme, unique in Hungary, between 14 and 23 July.